Monday, June 8, 2009

For us computer dummies.. and we KNOW who we are!

Even though my laptop computer and all-in-one printer are new, I'm not a total novice to this technology. I have owned 4 different computers prior to this one over the past 15 years, each time having upgraded to a newer model. This being the case, what I'm going to relate is even more embarrassing!

When I first bought the printer, I hooked it up according to the directions, installed the ink cartridges and printed the test page and photocopied it as instructed. So you can imagine my chagrin when I decided to print something the other day, clicked on print, and nothing happened! I tried a second and third time, and my printer still sat there, defiantly quiet.
I then decide to check all the connections. Yes, it was plugged into the receptacle, and the electrical cord was inserted properly into the back of the printer; the USB cable was also in place and connected to my laptop. Okay, I decided, maybe I need to re-install it. I dug out the installation cd and inserted it into the drive. A message came up stating, "Your printer is not on line."
Oh... I forgot to turn it on, so I pressed the power button; nothing happened. Usually the little screen says "warming up" but nothing appeared. Again I checked all the connections, re-inserted the installation cd, and again the message, "Your printer is not on line."
All of the above took at least 30 minutes if not more. After fiddling and finagling and frantic button pushing with no better result, I began to panic! We had a very intense thunderstorm between the time I set up the printer and the day I tried to print... what if lightning had damaged the brand, spanking new printer before I even had a chance to use it, just because I neglected to connect it to a circuit breaker instead of directly to the wall outlet?
I tried one more time. This time I discovered what I thought was the power button was in actuality the reset button! Once I pressed the correct button, the "warming up" message appeared, then my printer began printing and printing, once for each time I had clicked on print! Talk about being a computer idiot! I felt like a DOUBLE dufus!
(I only shared this experience to let any other computer dummies out there know they are not alone! )


Anonymous said...

Do you always sit at the computer in your bikini and bunny slippers! Too cute :)

Eva Gallant said...

of course! unless I'm trying to get a tan--then I skip the bikini!