Friday, June 5, 2009

Grandkids: The Reward for Having Been a Parent

One of the greatest things about reaching retirement is that if you've been lucky, you have grandkids. They are so aptly named, because they truly are grand! A source of pride, wonder, and joy, these kids never cease to delight me.
Rosie the seven month old cutie is on the other side of the country from us. Computer access keeps us up to date on how fast she's growing and changing; right now she's big on "Peek-a-boo." Rosie's cousins are more local, living 30 to 45 minutes away.
Jamie is the beautiful, bright teen who finds time to help immigrant children with their schoolwork and spent part of last summer working as a missionary in Costa Rica.
Her younger brother Nick who's a whiz with Leggos, cracked us up last week when after his grandfather asked for a glass of rootbeer, said, "I didn't know old people still drank soda!"
That family's youngest, Allie, can't wait to ride the bus to school with Nick in the fall and is the apple of her daddy's eye.
Allie's oldest sister, Tanya (a spunky redhead not pictured here), is out of college and in NYC working to build a career in the film industry. She's a delight who dotes on her younger siblings when she comes home for holidays.
Their cousin Austin, when he was 5, made me nervous when he asked what color underwear I was wearing. As it turned out, the question was an excuse to show us his new Spiderman jockeys!
Austin's younger brother Carter is a happy-go-lucky sort who , when not on horseback, walks around the house singing, "We will, we will Rock you!"
Now I'm sitting back and waiting for the day when they give their parents gray hair just like their dads gave me! Hee Hee! I know the day will come. I say that mostly in jest because I'm fortunate. All three dads have made me an extremely proud Mom.


Mardel said...

How many grandchildren do you have? (lost count)
I have 2, and one sort of grandchild (son's stepson). I'd call him a grandchild, but the mom doesn't bring him over much-so I hardly see him. I'm willing to accept him though.

Eva Gallant said...

I have 7 grandkids. The oldest one is not pictured. She is 22 and living New York City, trying to make a living as a film maker/diredtor/photograper. She and her 17 year-old sister, Jamie, who is pictured are my youngest son's step-daughteerss, and I certainly count them as mine.