Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunch or Chocolate?

I've discovered a problem with being retired (in addition to the fixed income); husbands expect you to cook! Now don't get me wrong. I CAN cook; I sometimes even enjoy cooking. But preparing lunch and dinner everyday? I think not.

The obvious answer is to share the responsibility, right? So today I asked, "What are you making us for lunch, Joe?" After some hemming and hawing, it turned out that the chef at Thornton's (a new restaurant in the area) was cooking lunch. I'm not complaining; my sandwich and fries were delicious. I'm just afraid our budget can't absorb the expense of my husband "cooking" lunch with any frequency!

Maybe an abundance of sandwich and salad fixings in the fridge to allow for "do it yourself" lunches would be a solution; then at least I could cut back to preparing only one meal per day. The next trip to the supermarket will require a concerted effort to stock the pantry.

I'm not convinced we have to eat three meals a day anyhow; I know I could substitute Godiva chocolates for one. That, too, can strain the budget! Okay, so I'm spoiled. I want Godiva chocolates or Lindt truffles. Once one has savored the gourmet, it's difficult to settle for the store brand.


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gail said...

Godiva........give me Dove chocolates any day!! I know I could survive for at least 2 weeks on those!