Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nature's Cruel Ways

It doesn’t seem that long ago, we frolicked on the beach,
Built castles in the sand,
Walked together hand in hand;
The whole world was at our feet.
We were innocent and sweet.

We bloomed into young women and took on the world out there;
Each morning brought new challenge,
And we were strong and sure and
Confident we’d find our ways.
You’d agree: Those were the days!

But time and life do take their toll, and now we do grow old.
O’er time we wed, and then we bred;
We raised our kids, oh, yes we did.
And cellulite snuck in o’er night--
And our backside view’s now quite the sight!

I posted this a day early, because we're taking the train to Boston tomorrow for lunch. I'll post again on Friday.


Jen said...

Hey, when did you take my picture!!@@??
Sad,but true!!

Funnyrunner said...

hmmm. somehow I missed the stage in the middle... wonder what happened?

have fun in Boston!

cathoune said...

hello, I'm Catherine -
I 'm glad to see you on my blog.
I enjoy to visit me. I sould like you return again
and I would like write you.
My english is bad, but I hope that you undestand that I write...
Thanks. cathoune - le blog de cathoune

Glennis said...

Rather too true!
No idea how I ended up like that!

glnroz said...

i think I know some of those people,, :)