Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please Pass the Blueberries!

One of the perplex-ing things about this age is the elusive-ness of those facts and items that were always on the tip of my tongue or at my fingertips.

Take the name of the actress that plays the mother on Brothers and Sisters: I know who she is--I remember her from The Flying Nun--but the only name that keeps coming to mind is Patty Duke and I know that is incorrect. It will come back to me at a later time when I don't need to remember it. (Although I've read that if it does come back to you, you don't have Alzheimer's. That's comforting!)

Then there's my favorite recipe for peanut butter fudge--you know, the one made with marshmallow fluff. I can't find that, either. The sad part is, I put it someplace safe, where I knew I wouldn't lose it! And I missed the playoff game between the Lakers and the Magic last night. I forgot that, too!

My friends tell me of similar experiences. I am really concerned about that lady in London who gave birth to a baby at age 62--her, not the baby!--I'm afraid she will set that infant down one day and totally forget where she left it.

My sister Jeannine keeps telling me blueberries are supposed to help your memory, but I keep forgetting to buy some!


Anonymous said...

When you say Flyiing Nuns I think of Salley Fields.

And what if shit like that happens and you are 20 years from retirement?? I have a theory about forgetfulness. You are like a bottle and the information is like liquid and once the bottle is full of information, it leaks out. the older you get the fuller the bottle, and the more it leaks!!

Eva Gallant said...

If that's the case, then I guess my cup runneth over! And thanks, it is Sally Field who's on Brothers and Sisters!