Monday, June 1, 2009

Now It Begins

So I’m retired. What now? It’s been just a little over a month and I’ve read four books, made six jigsaw puzzles, baked a cake, baked brownies (and ate the better part of both!), watched Jay Leno, visited family upstate, and occasionally taken a nap midday—all those things I didn’t have time to do when I was working .

It’s a strange sensation rising in the morning with no set schedule and no pending agenda from my manager. I feel a little out of sorts; like something is missing. I should be heading out on appointments or filing sales reports or making customer calls. The phone is strangely quiet; I check for a dial tone. Yep, it’s working, but I’m not!

There’s a rising sense of panic in the pit of my stomach. Is this what I was so anticipating? Surely, the next 20 (more or less!) years will hold more excitement than looking for that missing puzzle piece, or deciding which recipe to try?

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The American said...

My parents have been retired for a few years now. My mother, maybe 6 years ... my dad about 20 (he and his brother started a business and he worked at that for 15 years of his retirement).

They never stop. I have a feeling you'll find things to do with your spare time. It should be a pretty good 20 years you've got ahead of you.