Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catharsis Reeks!

This whole blogging thing is totally new to me. In someways it seems narcissistic to suppose there's anyone out there interested in reading my thoughts. It's also somewhat cathartic, and I say that with full realization that one of Webster's definitions of the word is "evacuation of the bowels." That being said, I guess you might compare this exercise to written verbal diarrhea! (no coincidence that some of my entries reek!)

If I am guilty of pollution of the blogosphere, I apologize. Please make allowances for the fact that I now have loads of free time and this is one thing I can do that doesn't cut into my social security check. (Welcome to life on a fixed income! ) It wasn't meant to be a fixed income. But then the bottom fell out of my (and a lot of other people's) 401ks and tapping into that prior to a market comeback would be a no-win situation. I keep thinking that as long as I don't touch those funds, I have a shot at recovery. . . If I live long enough!

So...since I can't afford that trip to Aruba or much of anywhere else, here I am, blogging. I like to think of it as digital jogging; I should end up with really svelte digits by the end of the summer. I might even drop down a whole mitten size!


Funnyrunner said...

Blogging IS cathartic, isn't it? I so wish that blogging had been around when my kids were small and life with them was so frustrating!

Eva Gallant said...

I agree; it is cathartic!

The American said...

One of my retirement accounts lost enough money that the balance is so low the company managing the account feels the need to charge me a maintenance fee. I realize the bottom fell out of the market and that everybody lost money -- but there's some sort of irony in having to pay for their incompetence.

I don't really blame them, I just like to say it that way. :)