Sunday, June 28, 2009

This will probably be Joe and I in 20 years. I can hear my sons saying, “Who are you trying to kid, Mom? That’s Joe and you now!” They already have us in the same league as dinosaurs!

In any case, I think growing old together is a wonderful gift. I have friends and family members who are still in marriages that have lasted 30, 40, and 50 years. What a testimony to love, loyalty and longevity. I’m sure their relationships were not always easy, but they made a commitment and a decision to stay with it. I’m not condemning those whose relationships failed to weather the storms; having been divorced after a twelve year marriage, I’d be the last one to cast stones. (The second time has proved more successful. . .we’re approaching 26 years!)

As this is June, the traditional month of nuptials, it seemed appropriate to congratulate those who chose their mates wisely and well; those who had enough faith, kindness, and devotion to not abandon ship when the waters grew turbulent; whose love has endured and perhaps even been deepened by adversity. I admire, envy, and honor them and wish them many more happy years.


Jen said...

In years past we took solemn vows....In sickness and in health, for better or worse, a days these vows are "old fashioned. Maybe so, but you ask the couples that have been together for 25 years plus,and they will tell you that "commitment" to each other helped make their marriages work. Though, not easy, faith, loyalty, and fidelity and communication are a "must" in order for a relationship to last.

glnroz said...

to give you a yardstick on how long I have been married,, they invented baseball about the time of our first anniversary... :)