Monday, July 13, 2009

Equal Opportunity Needed!

In an earlier blog, I alluded to the fact that if a man has a problem, they get right on finding a solution! Women’s difficulties are of a much lower priority, obviously.

I want to know when a cure for my breaking fingernails will be developed. Just about the time that I get them all evenly grown out, shaped, and looking nice, I invariably break one. Could we get a fix for that (short of fake nails)?

I’ve also noticed as I’ve “matured” that those dark hairs which were once abundant on my legs are much less plentiful; they seem to have found a new home. While the job of shaving my legs has become a less frequent chore, I find now that I have to peer into the mirror daily looking for those dark hairs sprouting out on my face! Thank goodness they haven’t transplanted themselves in huge numbers, but they are disconcerting, nevertheless! When will they come up with a pill that will intercept that “hair highway” which has obviously opened up from my calves to my chin?

And wouldn’t you think that if they can develop a pill to cure a man’s sagging appendage, there’d be one to lift my sagging butt? It’s just not right!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,
Thanks for reading my blog on sense of place. Truthfully, I thought that this blog would be private. I guess I didn't set it up the right way. You commented that there are good places in the U.S too and I agree but mine is back home in Belize. About the hairs on your face, its all about hormones. For women, our sexualty is all about three hormone;estrogen,progesterone and testosterone. whenever the hairs start appearing on the face, that means that the testosterone level is higher than the other two.

Jen said...

Good one! That would be a miracle drug......either with too many side-effects, or one we could not afford!!

The Little Jewelry Box said...

these cartoons you find crack me up!!! LOLOLOL!

Canadian Blend said...

My hair is migrating from my head to my ears and nose. I have to trim the ears more often than I have to make trips to the barber. :)