Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Global Warming?

This whole global warming issue has me wondering. Like where is it this month? We haven’t had a day over 70 degrees, which is highly unusual for this time of year. I’ve never been one to sunbathe, but it would be nice to at least see the sun now and then; I think my toes are getting mildewed! Our lawn is beginning to look like a hayfield, as it’s been too wet to mow.
On the bright side, we haven’t yet had to use the air conditioning, and have only turned the overhead fans on two days so far this summer. Our electricity bill should be considerably less this for June 2009 than it was June 2008, unless the fact that I’ve been cooking on the electric range instead of using the outdoor gas grill offsets any savings there.
We live just three miles from Old Orchard Beach. Of course, if it keeps raining, my home could become shore property soon! I feel sorry for all those tourists who have waited all year for their week at the shore and haven’t been able to enjoy it. Being cooped up in a cottage or motel while Mother Nature throws a wet blanket over all cannot be fun. And who knows the shelf life of sun block? Will it keep ‘til next year?


Jen said...

I'm with you! Not only does the grass grow wild, but, so do the weeds!! I guess we cold be worse off...3 digit heat is not my cup of tea!!!

glnroz said...

It aint global warming,, but it is hotter than a pair of jumper cables at at redneck, 4th of July picnic down here..I luv it.. lol Hope you are having a great day.. glenn