Saturday, July 18, 2009

Age is Just a Number

The misconception in the quote above is that even if you do mind, it doesn't matter. You can't change your age, you can only change how you feel about it. I will admit, there are times when it's hard to feel good about it, like when there's a spell of damp weather and my joints are stiff and sore, but I'm trying to focus on the positive: they may ache, but they are still functional!

There are so many things to be positive about: I am grateful for all the blessings in my life: healthy, self-sufficient children and grandchildren. ( I watch Dr. Phil--I've seen those kids who mooch off their parents into their thirties, those kids who are drug dependent or in some other way at odds with the law!)

I have the good fortune to have a loving husband who puts up with all my flaws and foibles, and (knock on wood!) I am still healthy. I have a sister who is the dearest person in the world, brothers I know would be there for me if I needed them, and a circle of really good friends. By those standards, I count myself truly rich. What more could one want?


SrtÂȘ Lorena said...

Eva, like much of your comment.
The Post said:
These are things that say,
that invention, to find the good life ...
The song that goes with me
is a way of forgetting the dream dreamed for nothing ...

I do not speak English very well, forgive me.
Have any kind of contact? MSN? The mine is
I want to be your friend!


CCL Wendy said...

Hi Eva, Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment on my LOLSpot! How on earth did you find it? I thought only people in the cat community knew about us.

Anyway, I, too am retired and thankful for all the things you have listed, plus, of course, my three cats.

My husband provides me with unconditional love, as well, and believe me he has lots of foibles and flaws to put up with!

Emm said...

I'm really, really enjoying getting older. I loved turning 30 but now that I'm in my mid-to-late 30s, I am really looking forward to the next 5 years or so. I try not to think too much beyond that! :)

Eva Gallant said...

It's best not to, Emm! lol