Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Memories Are Best Forgotten

The computer the company I worked for provided me with was a Dell. Now I don't know if it was the brand, that particular computer, the software that had been installed, or the incompetence of the operator, but more than once I wanted to tie the thing to a cement block and throw it over the side of the bridge that connects Maine and New Hampshire.

For starters, it was incredibly slow! It would literally take 15 minutes from the time I turned it on to when it was fully booted. (I should have booted It!) I could turn it on, go eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and read the morning paper while waiting for it to be work-ready. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it was extremely frustrating to want to finish my day's work and have to wait for the darn thing. It had a Sprint wireless card which was always disconnecting at the inopportune moment, also. No wonder I'm so glad to be retired!
When I went looking for a retirement gift for myself in the form of a new laptop computer, I said to hell with the Dell and bought a Hewlitt Packard. It's a wonderful machine, speedy, reliable, and lots of fun to use.
This has not been a paid announcement--I just ran across the above cartoon and all the frustrations of using that computer came slamming back to me like a relapse of the swine flu! Oh, I guess you can't have a relapse unless you've suffered through the first bout with it. Well those memories are like a bad dream--too scary to go back to sleep, for fear you'll return to it. And if you have a Dell, don't take offense. Maybe I had a lemon--it sure left a sour taste in my mouth!


KrisGC said...

I had one of those that I didn't like as well!! It only lasted a year and a half before it bit the dust, it ate my 9 page take home test along with it. I took it in but the hard drive couldn't be saved. They fixed it and it bit the dust two weeks later again. I finally got smart and started saving everything, but I have not had any problems since I bought my Sony VAIO. I know I won't ever buy a Dell again!

glnroz said...

Now that you got the taste of lemon outtayourmouth,, you can sail along with your new computer. I got a Compaq/HP, it seems to do ok..

Jen said...

Well, guess what! My computer is spelled D E L L!!It is slower than molases!I'll have to put up with it for a while....Good luck with your mew laptop

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Thats what I bought my daughter for graduation and she loves it.