Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A thing of beauty is Joy forever.

I'm meeting my college roommate for lunch today. We try to get together a couple of times per year, now that she is living in Maine again. We had been in school together since kindergarten, but didn't really know each other that well, until our senior year of high school found us sitting side by side in Mrs. LePage's Shorthand class. When we discovered we had both applied to the same University campus, we decided to request that we be roommates--the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know, was our thinking!
We roomed together for all four years of college, and graduated in 1967; we've stayed in touch since then, sometimes by phone when we were separated by several states. There was a stretch when she and her husband and I and mine went on a trip to Quebec City every year. In 1979, I was divorced; as I sat in a diner with her lawyer-husband, who handled the case, devastated that my life had fallen apart, he said, "By the way, Joy wants to know if this means our trip to Quebec is off for this year?" I burst into giggles! Just the amount of levity I needed to break up the gloom of the moment.
In 2007, her husband passed away after a long illness. She has bounced back from that with her sense of humor intact. We have stayed friends through thick and thin--I'm thick and she's thin!
She is one of the funniest people I know, and her name is Joy--very appropriate since she has brough that quality to many peoples lives over the years, especially mine. We've managed to get togther at least a couple of times per year over the past few years, and I know she will have me in stitches within minutes of meeting again today with stories of her recent trips to NewZealand and Ohio to visit her sons and grandkids. Everyone should be so lucky as to have Joy in their lives!


Jen said...

So appropriate. Writen with love and admiration for Joy....great job....

Mardel said...

It must be wonderful to know someone (besides your husband and siblings) for so long. I don't have any friends that I've known for that long- a lot of my school friends and I went in about 20 different directions.

Responding here (can't find the grandchildren post)- 7 grandchildren- that's wonderful.

And not much offends me. I grew up in the 60/70's and you can't go through any time after 1970 without losing some...naivity (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong, probably saying it wrong too!) I did laugh at you comment.

Joy said...


That was so nice of you to say such joyous things about me. Our friendship has been one of great fun and adventure with many, many more years to come. We are just so lucky to have so many fond memories which become more and more treasured as the years go by.

It was great fun to see you on Wednesday. Will visit your blog spot often. Your writing is super!!!

Love Joy

Cougar Tales said...

I love this story. It is so nice! You know...should post an old photo of you guys next day your posting your old photos!!
- Cougar Tales