Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks, Sassy Girl!

First I so need to thank One Sassy Girl at Hot Piece of Sass for the lovely award (see "Your
Blog is Fabulous" at left of post) and the kid words. I'm so glad to receive this award, and glad it comes from such a favorite of mine! Sassy Girl is so funny! You need to read her post "Crotch Couture." It had me in stitches; but then most everything she posts is hilarious. The one rule that accompanies this blog is that I list 5 current obsessions. This should be a piece of cake--but cake isn't one of them; I'm not a cake person!

Let's see; my number one obsession I'd have to say is Chocolate!!! Lindt, Godiva, Ghiradelli (I'm not sure that's spelled correctly), even Hershey's. I just love chocolate.

My husband would insist that I name blogging as my number two obsession; unlike my obsession with chocolate which has gone on for most of my life, blogging is new to me. I started this blog June 1st of this year, and yeah...I'm pretty much obsessed!

My third obsession is Grey's Anatomy ( the TV show, not the book!) I can't wait for the fall season to start to find out if how Meredith and Dr. McDreamy are doing, and how Little Gray and Dr. McSteamy are doing--I'd like to be doing Dr. McSteamy! (and I mean that in the most innocent way, hubby dear).

Number four obsession would have to be chicken. I love chicken--fried, broiled, baked, grilled--anyway you cook it! Obsession number five? Pepperoni and mushroom pizza--another big favorite! (Oh, my! Three out of five of my obsessions are food. . .This is not a good thing!)

I will spend some time deciding to whom I will pass on this Award; this is not an easy task, as there are many deserving blogs out there! And once again, thank you to Sassy Girl!! Love ya'!


Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm with you on the obsession with chocolate and blogging! I started chocolate probably 50 years ago, but blogging six months ago, and it's taken over my life. I'll be glad when the day comes that I don't HAVE to read what everyone has to say, or spill my guts for all to see!

I'm also obsessed with House, and can't wait to see the stories they come up with with him in the looney bin. And right now I'm really into Hoarders on A&E.

Glad to meet you , and look forward to getting to know you better (in the blogging sense).

Stephanie Faris said...

I think writing is my number one obsession, although my boyfriend would probably say blogging! Diet Orange and Cream Stewart's bottled sodas are second. That's my indulgence! Oh...and ice cream!

McVal said...

I'm all those obsessions except Grays Anatomy. For that one, I'm probably more In Plain Sight or Chuck than anything else.

one sassy girl said...

I love that so many of your obsessions are food - atta girl! And yes, I too love Gray's Anatomy. They're all so tortured and yet have amazing sex lives!!