Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's time to party!

Today is an occasion for celebration! I made it!
When I told my employer that I planned to retire this summer, he moved my retirement date up to April 17th--yes he can do that legally; I checked with an attorney.
My plan had been to work until I became eligible for Medicare, so I would have no gap in health insurance coverage. When I was forcecd to retire early, I was left with no health insurance from April 17th until my Medicare eligibility date, or pay $550 monthly for coverage through COBRA, which is an extended health benefit through an employer.
Since I was already losing several weeks salary that I had planned on, paying for Cobra just wasn't a very practical option financially. I decided to chance it and go naked--that is sans health insurance. My husband was very concerned, and with reason; if I had any major health issue, we would have to foot the whole bill. But that was a risk I was willing to take.
Well, today is the day. I am officially old! You become Medicare-eligible on the first day of the month in which you turn 65. My birthday is August 20th--yes, I'm a true Leo--and today is August 1st. I can now get sick, have a stroke, break a bone, or whatever, and I have health insurance. (I enrolled in a medicare advantage plan back in July, but it did not go into effect until today.)
Not that I have any bone-breaking, stroke-suffering plans, but it sure is a relief to have coverage! Is it 5:00 yet? I think I deserve a drink!


Entrepreneur Chick said...

"Well, today is the day. I am officially old!"
Uh, I don't think you'd ever be "officially old" and also, it's always five o'clock somewhere, you have that drink. How 'bout a vodka tonic, extra limes?

Robin said...

WooHoo! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


Eva Gallant said...

Well, my birthday isn't until the twentieth, but medicare kicks in today. and as far as the drink goes, I have a couple of Smirnoff Ice in the fridge!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'll hold them until the 20th!

Jen said...

Well, I don't think I know anyone who wrote about celebrating 'cause their medicare kicked in!!! If you do have that drink, have one for me...since I didn't celebrate when I turned 65!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations on staying healthy and for earning your well-deserved Medicare card!

As for your employer who cut you off early after you were kind enough to give them notice of your retirement--- Grrrrrrrrr. That's just bad karma!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What a relief to know that you're free to trip over the sidewalk or jump off a bridge, knowing full well that you'll be covered. HAHA!! Sorry, that was a terrible thing to say...but YOU started it! :)

Stopping by from SITS!

- Margaret

Nikella said...

Oh my, you must be so relieved! And go...have that drink! :)

Meeko Fabulous said...

Congratulations are indeed in order! :) So . . . Congrats!