Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Give Me the Facts, Ma'am, Just the Facts."

Before the Tonight Show was hosted by Conan O"Brien, and before Jay Leno, Johnny Carson had a 30 year run as The Tonight Show Host. Many of us stayed up late to catch his nightly monologue, if not the whole show. He was hilarious; he poked fun at politicians before it was fashionable, he performed zany skits, and parodied other television shows.

During this same era, Dragnet and Badge 714, both police detective series starring Jack Webb were big hits, so naturally, Johnny invited Jack Webb to be a guest on the Tonight Show. Dragnet, and later Badge 714, always opened with a view of Los Angeles, with Jack Webb narrating the intro with the words, "This is the city. . .my name's Friday, Joe Friday; I'm a cop." Friday's famous line when interviewing witnesses to a crime was always, "Give me the facts--just the facts."

The Tonight Show was broadcast in front of a live audience, so it was often a challenge for guests to keep from collapsing into laughter during the comedy sketches, and when appearing in a parody of Dragnet with Johnny, Jack Webb was no exception. I loved The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, so when someone sent me this video of the Dragnet sketch, I just had to put it on my blog for you to enjoy!



glnroz said...

knock knock,,
who's there?
It's Friday,
No, It's Tuesday.
Look, Ma'um I know who i am, it's Friday.
If you don't leave I am calling the cops.
(Ok so it aint "Who's on First', but it is early this morning,,lol)

Peterson Family said...

That was funny! I used to watch Johnny Carson with my grandmother (when I could stay up that late!).That brings back some great memories!

KrisGC said...

Thanks for the morning laugh!! I loved to watch Johnny, late night TV just isn't the same anymore!

Eva Gallant said...

Z--pretty good for an early morning effort!

P. Fam.--with your grandmother....ooooh I AM old!

Kris--Conan is soooo far from Johnny it's pathetic!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I loved Johnny Carson AND Dragnet!
Thanks for a very fun post. It's a great way to start the day.

Vodka Logic said...

Funny thanks, I had never seen that.

Jen said...

I had never seen that show....I loved Dragnet. Thanks for the laugh, and the memory of the one and only...Johnny Carson, who coluld never, never be replaced or matched!!:)))

Canadian Blend said...

I bought a greeting card once that said something on the outside similar to:

"This is the city. Home to 10 million people. Occasionally, one of those people will want to pet something soft and furry. That's where I come in."

You'd open the card and a guy would be on the inside with a trench coat open and a critter hanging upside down in it and the text.

"My name's Friday. I carry a badger."