Thursday, August 6, 2009

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Back on August 2nd, I posted a couple of paragraphs of a short story I had written, "Your Place or Mine," with a link to the website where you could the complete story. If you read it and enjoyed it, I'm posting below a couple of paragraphs from the sequel and the link to that complete story. If you want to read Returning to the Scene of the Crime, it will make more sense if you have read "Your Place of Mine," first, so you may want to go back to August 2nd and read that post. (I should warn you that Returning to the Scene of the Crime gets borderline risque. I'm just sayin'--don't mean to offend anyone!)

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Like a glutton for punishment, the following Friday Sandy found herself headed back to Country Connections for singles night. Ginger had other plans, so this time, her neighbor Elizabeth decided to join her. Elizabeth preferred to drive her car, so she picked Sandy up at her apartment, they hopped into her black Chevy Lumina, and hit the road--bound for that hangout for fast-talking men and freewheeling women, Country Connections!

Elizabeth did not drink, so she brought Diet Coke, and Sandy brought a vodka gimlet. That is, she took a pint of vodka, poured about a shot and a half into a glass, threw in a slice of lime and a squirt of lime juice. She had pretty much finished it before Elizabeth arrived. Then she added lime juice to the pint of vodka until the liquid was back to the level it had been before it was opened, put the cap back on and shook it up a little and was ready to go. Ice and paper cups were available at the bottle club, so she just tossed the bottle into her oversized purse.

As they drove up the highway, Elizabeth—Liz—asked, “So is the band any good at this place? And how about the men? Are there any decent ones, or are they all hound dogs?”

(If you wish to continue, the complete story is at the follow url:


glnroz said...

you 'a hoot. Dont take down this story, I gotta jump and run for a couple of days,, maybe you will have the rest when i get back,, lol

Elizabeth Patch said...

I've enjoyed browsing through this blog: you are quite funny! Thanks for asking me to stop by!

Jen said...

This is good. Keep it going....

Alicia said...

i love it!! i went back and read the whole thing!! can't wait to read more!!