Saturday, September 26, 2009

Road Trip Day 10 Setting down temporary roots.

Last night we stayed in Ritzville, WA. I figure the town must have been named after the cracker, because it didn't seem very ritzy. I don't mean that in a bad way. It is a nice town, just not a lot of glitz and glitter, which is fine with me! The countryside outside west of Ritzville was mostly farmland--very colorful with deep greens, light and dark browns, and some shades of yellow and gold.

Along the Columbia River, we stopped at this scenic turnout. The slate below shows a diagram of the Priest Rapids Hydorelectric Project. It was the first such marker we encountered that had been defaced by vandals. It was a beautiful piece of blace slate, and hooligans had carved their initials and hearts into it, or used permanent marker to leave a message. I thought it was a shame that such disrespect was shown. To the right of the marker was the beautiful Columbia River.

To the left of the marker is Lake Wanapum, which was really beautiful!

Below Lake Wanapum was the Wanapum Dam. The Dam provides clean Hydroelectric power for much of the area.

Shortly after the scenic turnout was the Ryegrass Rest Area. It was a great spot to snap a picture of Mt. Ranier in the distance. The snow caps belied the 75 degree weather I was experiencing when I took the photo!
There was also a marker describing the Puget Sound Energy's Wild Horse Wind Facility. It described how windmills are built and how they work. We saw the Wind Farm along the way, but I couldn't get a clear picture of it due to the trees along the roadside, but there were a 127 large wind towers in operation, powering 55,000 households with electricity. I thought the white towers were quite majestic and impressive.
After we left the Rest Area, we felt like we were descending into the clouds. Well, guess what? We were, as the photos below evidence.

It was a strange sensation; the only other time I have been above the clouds is when airborne in a plane. But here we were on the ground, in our Chevy, and we'd been cruising above the clouds and unaware of it till that moment!
Is that wild, or what??

We continued our winding path down from the mountains and out of the clouds...

Soon we were seeing bits of sunshine again.

Then we emerged back into sunlight and back in civilization again. We were met with the skyline of Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle. We arived in Kirkland, where we will put down temporary roots. We will be staying in the area for a few days before we hit the road again!

I will post pictures of Kirkland and Seattle over the next few days; right after Silent Sunday!

Once again, thanks for coming along for the far we have travelled over 3,400 miles!


Trudy said...

Hi Eva! I do remember you as well, that 3rd charm brought it right back to me. How blessed are we?

Gorgeous pictures and looks like a fabulous trip you are on. I will definitely be stopping back to see how the rest of your journey goes. And your 'silent Sundays' intrigue me!

God bless!

Steven Anthony said...

Such beautiful country....

continued safe travels my friend;)

Stephanie Faris said...

Thanks for taking us along. This just reminded me how badly in need of a vacation I am!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are seeing some beautiful country!!!! I think I need to take a Road Trip soon too! I'm inspired!

Scrappy Girl said...

Wow...3400 miles! the pics again.

TechnoBabe said...

Wow, 3,400 miles traveled so far. You are taking a major trip. These pictures are nice, it makes it fun to see where you are and what you see. The ones where you drive down into the clouds are like descending from a heavenly place.

Helene said...

Wow, 3400 miles!!! That's amazing! The pictures are beautiful! I've never actually driven through a cloud either...that must have been a wierd sensation!!

ginger@bearbits said...

I was in that area about a year ago. It is a beautiful part of the country. Enjoy your trip. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for posting them.

The Retired One said...

Fabulous trip...I sure love those mountains..I have to go there!!!
Thanks again for the tour on your blog.

Gloria said...

Fabulous photographs, felt like I was there with you. Going on a road trip myself in two weeks time so hope it's as good as this! . . . and the clouds . . stunning!

Love your blog!!