Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Trip, Day 12--Sight-seeing in Seattle

Tuesday, we met up with a friend of mine from Maine who moved to Seattle area several years ago. She is a little homesick for Maine, even though she's originally from Seattle, and was glad to get together with someone from "home." We decided to have lunch at the Red Robin Restaurant which is right on the waterfront. You can see the Red Robin piloting the airplane below:

There were clouds hanging from the ceiling, and the view of the water was lovely. We had burgers and fries and the most awesome onion rings! It was great to see Anne; I felt like the years since we'd last talked just disappeared.

The plan was to have lunch and then she would direct us on a sight-seeing tour of Seattle.

The Red Robin is on Alaskan way, and this fountain was at the end of Alaskan Way. I managed to grab a shot of it on the way by.

We saw the Space Needle in the distance.

Then I got a closer shot of it...It's quite impressive--but Hubby has an extreme dislike of heights (no one said "fear," did they?) so we just looked at it from the outside!

There were other interesting-looking buildings. . .

I especially liked this church; I think it was Greek Orthodox.

In the heart of Seattle is Volunteer Park, situated on 40 acres purchased by the city for $2000 from J. M. Coleman in 1876. Over the years, some forest was cleared and the Seattle Asian Art Museum, pictured above, was constructed;

there is a large reservoir with a waterfall which is really quite beautiful.

From the side of the reservoir you can see the Space Needle and Puget Sound in the distance. Of course I saw this as a photo opportunity!

There was also a huge sculpture that looked very much like a large tire for a wheel on some piece of road equipment!

Or maybe a licorice doughnut that didn't quite turn out right! But, of course, I'm no art critic, and am of very limitied culture, being trailer trash and all!
There were beautiful flower gardens everywhere you turned. There was also a children's play area. But the flowers were breath-taking.

There was also a fish pond. It was loaded with all kinds of colorful fish. I tried to photograph them, but the skies reflected on the pond made it difficult.

I did my best to try to catch them when the sun's glare did not obstruct the view.
I apologize that my efforts didn't turn out better than they did. Several shots I didn't post at all, because of the reflections.

I loved the gold-colored one, but he was very elusive and hard to film!

There was also a monument to William Seward--Remember Seward's Folly? At the time his purchase of Alaska was considered a frivolous act. But if he hadn't made this deal, we might have never gotten to know Sarah Palin! (It's debatable whether or not that would have been a great loss!)
His statue stands in front of the Volunteer Park Conservatory, home of many unique and tropical plants.

The building is surrounded by flowers, all blooming brightly.

And the varieties inside! These had beautiful leaves of a reddish hue. I just had to share them.

So many different colors, sizes and textures!

And virginal pretty!

One section of the Conservatory was filled with Rain Forest plants. You truly felt like you were in the jungle; and they keep the temperature hot and humid.
The poster above refers to the bell below, which was quite delicate.

We were instructed to not touch it for fear of damaging it.

And everywhere. more blossoms!

Every color and variety imaginable!

Even different types of Cacti.

In all, it was a really amazing collection. There was a room full of orchids which was not open that day, but we could peek at them through the window glass. They, too, were breath-taking.

We left Anne at the dock to catch the ferry home to Bremerton and headed back to Kirkland, where we were staying. Good bye to Seattle--and Lake Washington.

Lake Washington was strange; the bridge spanned the middle, and on one side of the bridge the water was extremely choppy; on the other side it was totally calm.

BTW, I kept an eye out for Jason and Molly from the Bachelor, but they were nowhere to be seen!

Tonight we have dinner with the munchkin and her Mom and Dad before heading down the Pacific Coast highway. Today has been a total Veg day.....We needed to chill and relax a bit before striking out for our first view of the Pacific Ocean!

I hope you will come along as we follow the west coastline of Oregon and California...


Steven Anthony said...

I just love going along on this trip with u...the pics are awesome, especially loved the garden ones..

continued safe travels...

Tam said...

Greetings from Seattle! Well, close enough. I loved your vacation log and have to say you sure got a great tour of our state! Found you on Vodka Logic - come visit me!

Cathy said...

I've always wanted to go to Seattle. You're pics make it look very lovely! Have fun driving down the coast!!

Eva Gallant said...

Steve: I hardly did the flower gardens justice; there were so many and so beautiful.

Tam: Thanks for visiting. And glad you liked my tour of Washington. Hope you come along to Oregon and California!

Cathy: It's more beautiful than the pictures.

ethelmaepotter! said...

I'm just getting caught up on all my blog reading, having been on a trip of my own, and your blog was at the top of my list! I just love all the pictures, and never would have thought Seattle to have so many lovely varieties of flowers. Fantastic architectural variety, as well, and as for that sculpture, well, I may be trailer park trash as well, because it sure looks like a lumpy tire to me, too!
Yellowstone looks amazing, and that clear blue water! Oh my, how beautiful! But...what in the world would possess a violinist to dress as Darth Vader? At least, it made for a great photo!

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

I've been to some of those places. Your beautiful photos brought back some great memories! Thanks!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Thanks for taking me along your trip. And that church really looks very amusing.

bj said...

Hi, Eva..I'm bj and so glad to meet you. I am over from SITS.

I really enjoyed all your photos..and thought the church looks a little tiny bit like a mini Red Square. :O)

So glad you and your friend had a good time...nothing like getting together with someone from "home".

Come by to see me sometime...I am a grandmother and a great-grandmother, 71 but so close to
72, it's to cook and with dishes on our Tablescape Thursday!!
xo bj

Jen said...

Those pictures were awesome!!It is a real joy to be taking this trip with you and Joe. Drive safely, and enjoy everything!!

Gloria said...

I'm more than happy to accompany you on your trip, in fact I'm honoured!

Loving the vivid colours of the flowers, I'm a great flower girl . . especially the virginal white beauty and then of course the vivid violet pansy(?).

You look like you are having a fabulous time and what a bonus to meet up with your long time friend Anne. Lucky you! And hamburger and fries . . must be more than 3 years since I've had that . . . :)

Looking forward to future posts with pictures

Tamis said...

How nice to see pictures of places I have been and read your commentary. Lovely.

I have to tell you I once saw Jason and his son at my local Target store. My husband was oblivious but I noticed other women also recognized him, their husbands were oblivious too!

glnroz said...

oh what a great post. Seattle is a place that I would like to return to. The Titanic exhibt was in town when we were there. Kinda odd to be able to touch a piece of the hull with your own hands. flowers seem to glow and the food , out of this world. Thanks for letting us share your trip.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You just reminded me of how awesome Seattle is. I used to travel there on business all the time but haven't been in back in about 15 years. Your pictures are great and it looks like you had a wonderful time.
Thanks for sharing.

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

I have been wanting to visit Seattle. Thanks for sharing your pics!! Looks like you having a great time!