Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip, Day 5

I realized that I hadn't posted a picture of the Minneapolis skyline, that I took from my car. It's a typical city, but I have to admit, it didn't interest me as much as the Mall.

The Mall of America entrance; we took the shuttle from our hotel, and I was practically jumping up and down. I'm not much of a shopper. I mean I could spend the whole day there and not buy, but I love to look. And this mall has so many things to look at! There's Lego Land, an Amusement Park, and tons of stores and restaurants.

I thought Sleepless in Minnesota was a cute name for a store that specialized in sleepwear.

We had lunch at Johnny Rockets and my milkshake was so thick I got my tongue stuck in my straw.

Joe didn't seem to have any difficulty with his. The food was good, but there were so many eateries to pick from, I really hated to pick one.

There was a Polynesian Restaurant that had this cheerful fellow outside as a greeter. (And Walmart uses Senior Citizens!) There were all the usual mall food court choices, but there was also Tony Roma's, Crave, The Rain Forest Cafe, The Nappa Valley Grille, and I could go on and on!

After lunch we did some more browsing. Soooo many stores!

I'm not entirely sure what this store specialized had a big sign that said Silicon, which of course made me think of Silicone and boob jobs, but I couldn't see how that fit in with the car display.

There was a Lindt Chocolate Store, a Godiva Chocolate Store, and a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Store.......Yummy! But would you believe I didn't buy any?

I loved this necktie store; it was so colorful! They had every color and pattern under the sun. Plus there were Three Stooges Ties, Disney characters ties, and polka dots and stripes. EVERYTHING!
When it was time for dinner, we elected to try a place in Guy Fieri's book, "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives." If you've ever seen his show on the food channel, then you know the man loves good food, so anything he recommends is likely to be good. This place was "Psychic Suzies." The sign was rotating, so the photo came out slightly blurred.

There were tables on an outdoor terrace, plus a bar, booths and tables inside. The sign above the bar says "Mender of Broken Dreams." So, I thought I'd have a Guinness Ale and Hubby had a Miller Light. Just in case!

Guy recommends Red Rockets (which are beer battered mini weiners served with Hot Mustard). Guy doesn't lie; they were good!

And Suzi's Supreme Pizza was scrumptious. Green peppers, red onions, sausage, pepperoni, lots of yummy pizza sauce and mozzerella cheese on a crispy crust--everything you could want in a pizza!

I have many more pictures; I put together a slide show tour of the Mall; a slide show of the Amusement Park in the Mall, and a slide show of all the Lego creations around the Lego store. Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload them on the Wifi here at the hotel, so they'll be shared with you after I get home.

Tomorrow, we hit the road again and head towards Mount Rushmore. Thanks for coming along on this trip with me. Night, all!


The Vegetable Assassin said...

I visited the Mall of America in May for the first time. There was stuff to look at everywhere. I'm relieved I went on a weekday! :) It's HUGE!

Steven Anthony said...

I just love that mall...I often have dreams of living in it;)

Dont ya just love shakes you need a spoon for..

ethelmaepotter! said...

That pizza sure looks a lot better than the lean Cuisine spinach and mushroom pizza I had for supper.
Looking forward to Mount Rushmore!

Char said...

Sounds like fun. And, the food looks yummy. Now, I am HUNGRY!
Thanks for sharing the pics.

The Redhead Riter said...

Hi There! I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you have a great day!

I have something for you on my blog, so come over and get it.

jules said...

Hmmm, this post made me hungry!

Christine said...

Great photos! I've never been to the Mall of America. Sounds like it could be a mini-vacation all in itself. Must mention this to hubby:)
I had never heard of beer-battered mini-dogs, but it sounds like something that would be a huge hit for our Super Bowl Party. I'll have to write that down.
Hope the rest of your trip is amazing and can't wait to check out more pictures:)
Happy AND Safe Travels to you!!

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

I've always wanted to go there! How fun!!!

tori said...

I don't like to shop at all so I'm sure I will never visit the mall of America so now at least I can say I've seen pictures of it! I love that show DD&D too. would love to try some of guys recommendations!

Jen said...

The pictures are great, food looks Yummy!! It is amazing to enjoy the trip through your made me hungry, especially since the last time I ate was Monday ..[light breakfast Tuesday ] Drank plenty of G2 though[ similar to Gaterade]well, drive safely.....see you tomorrow on FC!!

glnroz said...

looks like yall are having a great time. Malls are just great place for men to go on vacation,, lolol,,,just kidding.. continue on.

Ms. Wanda said...

Wow, what great pic's! We are managing here in Georgia but, the water has really taken a toll! Enjoy the Mall I wish I was there:)

Ms. Wanda

Joanna Jenkins said...

The mall looks awesome, but Guy's recommendation-- OMG!!! YUM-MMY> I love his show!

Keep having fun!

Housewife Savant said...

The mall food courts I've seen lately are only good for one thing; my diet. No temptation there at all.
That pizza would end my "Good" streak.