Saturday, October 31, 2009

A trip to the Mausoleum in the Middle of the Night

Back when I was in college, my roommate, Joy, and I came home for a weekend. At the time I was dating a guy from my hometown, and went home from campus most weekends to see him.

On this particular weekend, we had planned a double date; he had lined up one of his friends so the four of us could do something fun. He promised that he would plan something special. When he called, he said we might want to dress warm; that seemed weird to me at the time, because we were having a pretty mild autumn.

The guys picked us up and first we went to play mini-golf, which was fun, but didn't seem like the "special" date he had promised. Boyfriend and his buddy kept checking their watches, but I didn't thnk about it much at the time. When the mini-golf game ended, we went back to bf''s car, and drove around for a while. Finally, we ended up on a back road somewhere out in the country--I had no idea where we were. He pulled the car off the road, and said, "Come on. This is going to be fun!"

Joy and I and her blind date piled out of the car and followed bf into the woods. After a few minutes walking through the trees, he took my hand and said, "This way." I followed him and begain to notice tombstones...we were in a graveyard, at night, in total darkness! I began to get a bad feeling about things; graveyards can be peaceful places in daylight, but at night--not so much.

"Lets go back to the car," I begged, my skin crawling from the images going through my mind. I had seen all the creepy movies, and nothing good ever happened to the actors in a graveyard at night!

"We're almost there," bf said, squeezing my hand tightly. I'll give Joy credit...she was following right along, not nearly as uncomfortable as I. Finally we arrived at a mausoleum.
(Picture something like the building above, in the dark of night, with fog creeping in here and there.)

"Look--the door's open a little!" Bf took out a flashlight and cast the beam on the door. It was rusty-looking and emitted a painful creak as he pushed it further open. "Come on," he said, excitedly, as he pulled me toward the entrance.

"I'm not going in there!" I protested.

"Oh, don't be such a wimp!" bf said as he pulled me into the black, creepy entrance. I followed him, reluctantly, palms sweating, and the hair on the back of my neck standing on end. He flashed the beam of his flashlight along the floor of the building. Suddenly we heard a moan. . .quickly he turned the light's beam toward the sound.

We saw a cement bier with a whitish body partially covered by a cloth or sheet. The body was rising, moaning, it's arms extended toward us! I screamed and ran out the door. Luckily, Joy's blind date quickly grabbed my arm and stopped me, else I'd probably still be running!

Would you believe, one of bf's friends had been lying on the bier under the sheet, having "powdered" his bare upper half with flour, waiting for us?? That was the reason bf and Joy's blind date kept checking their watches. They planned to arrive at the mausoleum at the time he would be there. Joy, good sport that she was, laughed about the whole incident; I was not such a good sport. I was furious at bf for doing that to us! He thought it was a pretty good Halloween prank. I told him he could have given us heart attacks! I did forgive him eventually, but not until long after my heart rate had returned to normal, and the goosebumps were gone from my body!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!


Cathy said...

EEEKKK! I would have been so scared!

Creative date idea, though. But I'm not sure I would have ever forgiven him!

Granny on the Web said...

Hello fellow Granny
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
We don't 'do' halloween over here the same as USA, but my son and family who live in Boston N.H. are starting to appreciate the custom you have there.
Loved the story.
Bye for now
Love Granny

natalee said...

AHHHHH!!!!! I would have wet!!!

jules said...

Hee hee. You have to admit. It was a great prank!

lakeviewer said...

I would not forgive him. I hate being surprised this way.

p.s. it's a great story, nevertheless.

Jen said...

I would NOT forgove but forget him!! I was not one for any such "suprises".......But, I am sure you guys had fun and later laughed about it......Happy Halloween!!!

Steven Anthony said...

You broke up after that..right, lol that was a way cool me ideals ;)

Vodka Logic said...

I am so easily startled in broad daylight I would have never forgiven him..well maybe a lot later.

Janice Mae said...

I love that mausoleum picture by the way, it looks peaceful and not at all scary in the daytime. The cartoon is hilarious!

I Wonder Wye said...


I WOULD have had heart failure! What a stinker!

Tam said...

OMG great prank! I would have totally broken up with him on the spot, though. The thing that gets me is that someone actually sat in the mausoleum for however long, in the dark, alone, waiting for you! I'd have had a heart attack just doing that!