Monday, November 30, 2009

One of the Upsides of Aging

I have to say. .. not everything about aging is bad. Getting to the other side of menopause is cause for celebration. I was fortunate during that phase, because I hardly ever experienced any symptoms. One of my co-workers suffered from hot flashes frequently. Power surges, she called them. Her face would get all flushed, she would have to shed her blazer or sweater, dash to the restroom to soak a paper towel in cold water, and press her face into it. The only time I would suffer a "power surge" was occasionally in the middle of the night, when I might awaken in a pool of perspiration. Those surges seemed to be directly related to my intake of caffeine or too much sugar; once I figured that out, I was able to "stay cool" most of the time.

Whether the susceptibility to power surges and other menopausal symptoms is hereditary, I'll never know. My mother would NEVER have discussed it. The words 'menopause' and 'hot flashes' were just not in her vocabulary. I do remember her and my aunt having whispered discussions about "The Change;" knowing looks and nods would pass back and forth between them if one of their contemporaries was suffering from the condition; "nervous breakdowns" were not uncommon--but "woman things" just were not acceptable topics of conversation! And certainly not in front of children!

Childbearing was another unmentionable topic. I recall chuckling when Mom mentioned that a cousin of mine was "in a family way." Not appreciative of my mirth, she said, "What am I supposed to say? She's PREGNANT?" She spat the word out as though it were a curse word or worse--repugnant to the tongue!

I'm afraid Mom would not approve of this post; she probably would be shocked in general by many topics on my blog. I'm sorry, Mom; but you'll be glad to know I made it through "The Change" without having a "nervous breakdown." In fact, I can't really say I suffered at all, and the best part is, it's been years since I've had a monthly "visitor.."


glnroz said...

you say "The darnest things",, lol, hope you had a Happpy Thanksgiving.

Betty said...

Loved this. Just inventive!
Hope you have a happy start to the Christmas season.

UberGrumpy said...

Power surge! Love it; thank you for my Monday chuckle

Bombshell BLISS said...

You are so funny. I certainly enjoy your blog!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Just had to click on your ad that says Menopause gone in 24 hrs! Does this mean you start having your friend (to use an old term) again? No! This fella thinks he can 'cure' the change! Who wants to? This is a case of the grass is greener on the other side!

singedwingangel said...

roflmbo your mom and my mom would get along famously... seriously...mine had a fit cause I shaved my pubes and she thought I did it cause they would do it when I deleivered my son. I was like ummm mom they don't shave you down there for that... she didn't know they didn't do it anymore..

Helene said...

I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor! The little cartoons you always post crack me up!

I'm in the midst of "the change" now and I have been very lucky that most of my symptoms have been fairly mild. I have the occasional hot flash but it's not like all the time. The main thing i notice is drastic mood swings. And my husband notices it too...LOL!

Alix said...

Power to the menopausal woman! I'm in that line and having a bit more of a punching match with it.

Glad you skated smoothly across. And PS... Mother's are weird.

jules said...

In "Gone with the Wind" they call being pregnant a "condition." Hee hee! How did girls learn anything when nobody was aloud to talk about it then?

elvira pajarola said...

....I just love to come by quiet often and read your posts.....
Your sense of Humor is absolutely
(Ahhhh, those seven little man with those ......just soo fun!)
have a great week!
ciao elvira

Steven Anthony said...

I think I might be going thru the male menopause as we as always a very entertaining post my friend, Im glad to be back, up and running and reading your blog;)

Jen said...


Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I didn't have "power surges" (love that) for years while I took estrogen, but now that I've stopped it, I get them from caffeine or alcohol. Can't give up dark chocolate, so I don't know whether my caffeine-induced red face and ears will even end!

Mommakin said...

Oh, mine didn't go so well. It's getting better now.

Aren't our girls lucky that their mommas talk to them and (almost) nothing is off limits any more?

Eva Gallant said...

glen: Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!

Betty: Glad you enjoyed it!

Uber: Glad I could oblige!

Bombshell: Happy that you choose to visit!

L & D Show: who would want to go back to pre0-menopausal??

Singed: My Mom passed away 25 years ago; I remember she also was appalled when I started using tampons in college--single girls just didn't do that!

Helene: Hang in there! I gave up all caffeine except for chocolate--I have my limits. But I refused to take estrogen, so I was lucky it went as smoothly as it did!

Alix: I'm rooting for you to win the battle with a Knockout Punch!

Jules: I remeber my sister gave me a booklet from Kotex called "Growing Up and Liking It."
Then as a freshman in college, a group of us girls got hold of a book called "Love Without Fear" and got the rest of the story! There certainly was no birds and bees talk at home, unless it was literally about the birds and the bees! lol

Elvira: You have a great week too!

Steve: Just cut back on the caffeine and you'll be fine! lol

Jen: Thanks, sis!

Blissed Out G: Can't fault you for not giving up alcohol and chocolate; without them, life would be no fun at all! lol

Mommakin: I didn't have any girls, but I certainly was open with my boys. I remember when my oldest was about 4, he had his hand down his pants, and when my Mom tried to get him to remove it, he curled her hair when he said, "My scrotum itches!"

tattytiara said...

I was glad to have a former maternity nurse for a mom. I knew pretty much all the basics before I was old enough to think to ask on my own. That said, though, it took a lot of coaxing before she'd tell me what those boxes on the top shelf of the bathroom cabinet were for. I was no wilting violet of a child, I have no idea why she thought the idea of bleeding every month would scare me, but to this day I find it charming that she did.

Tam said...

Totally funny! Mom mom used to say "PG" instead of pregnant; her "friend" used to "come visit" once a month, and then all of sudden, she met a bunch of hip senior citizens and started talking about menopause like it was a bridge game. I was kind of proud of her, but then I couldn't stop saying "PG" it was so ingrained in me. :) PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your cartoons...I can't tell you how many I copy and paste into emails to friends. Thanks for the 7 Dwarves!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are so lucky to have dodged the menopause "bullet"! It can be brutal.

Love the cartoon. I hadn't seen that before.


Joholdenhan said...

At my tender young age, I can't relate to menopause, but this post definitely made my day. It's great that you're very open about things, as you could've easily taken your mother's example. I love the 7 dwarvs gave me a good laugh. :)

ethelmaepotter! said...

I grew up in a very progreesive family - we knew words like pregnant, intercourse, and penis. And so, it came as somewhat of a shock to me when I met my future in-laws and they referred to menses as "bein' laid up," menopause as "gettin' old," pregnancy as "gettin' big," and labor as "gettin' sick," and the midwife who delivered babies as "the granny wo-mern." Intercourse and male and female body parts were NEVER, EVER mentioned, of course, and my mother-in-law once rose from her seat and whispered the word "panties" behind cupped hand into my ear.
Funny post, as always!

The Retired One said...

I had a hysterectomy after years of suffering...the best thing I ever did!
I tried estrogen but dropped it due to side effects. Now I get some night sweats now and then, but they have decreased. Yay to self-imposed menopause. ha
Now...if I could just get rid of these chin hairs....LOL