Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Office Parties and Calendar Countdown

Holidays are the time for parties. That may be one down side of being retired: I won't be invited to the office party. It's going to be really rough missing the opportunity to watch co-workers over-indulge and make fools of them selves. Over the years it's been my privilege to attend many such celebrations, some of them in the office, some at restaurants, and some at the homes of employees who were foolish enough to risk lawsuits by inviting co-workers to party at their homes.

One in particular which comes to mind was many years ago when I was a divorced Mom, working as a sales rep. (I won't mention the company name -- gotta' protect the guilty! ) The whole gang went out for pizza and beer at lunch time at a restaurant across the street from a mall. Our sales manager was picking up the tab, so we all chowed down, and the pitchers of Bud were plentiful. We shared tales of bizarre experiences on the road, our successes and our failures, and kept emptying those pitchers.

By the time we decided to go our separate ways, I have to admit I was thoroughly buzzed. It was payday and Christmas was just 3 days away, and I had yet to do my shopping. I managed somehow to get my happy self across ther street to ther mall, and proceeded to spend nearly all of my paycheck on toys for my boys. (note for future reference: not a good idea to go shopping when "feeling the holiday spirits!") The boys had the most amazing Christmas that year, and probably don't even remember that we had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until the next payday!

And now a reminder:

Saturday is the day of the drawing for the winner of the Men of York calendar. If you missed the post with the details on that, click here. Also, if you don't want to leave it to chance and really want this calendar for yourself or to give as a gift, the instructions for ordering one are here. Just leave a comment saying you want to be in the drawing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Cheryl said...

Eva, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. Will try and visit often.

Tam said...

That is so something I would do - how awesome for your boys! I don't miss office parties either - totally awkward most of the time!

Christine said...

That is most excellent advice! Just like I never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach...won't Christmas shop when tipsy:) Love it!

jules said...

Watching co-workers get wasted is a blast! I keep my over indulging to times with proper friends! Hee hee. I must admit, I went shopping after a Saturday afternoon of margaritas with my best friend. Found stupid shirts and underwear in the wrong size. No more drunk shopping for me!

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure the stores were thankful!

The Good Cook said...

It always amazes me how normally, well educated people will act when the booze is free. Can't say I miss any of that...

Mommakin said...

We haven't had an office party in years. I miss them.

Steven Anthony said...

I have many many memories of office parties, none I can share for feer of

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

We have FOUR holiday work parties, all at different levels of the organization. There is drinking at one of them, but since the year three sips of wine turned my face and ears redder than Rudolph's nose, I choose a soft drink. I should be retired before Christmas 2010...don't think I'll miss these, either. As for shopping while buzzed, I'd probably end up asleep under a rack of dresses! (Yes, I'm a very cheap date.)

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Staff parties! Yuck! Beer is the only way to get through those!

Helene said...

Oh yes, I could see how that would be a very dangerous situation. But at least your boys enjoyed the presents, even if you did have to eat PB&J the rest of the month. My kids would've loved's all they seem to eat these days.

maya said...

Because I am a drinker and a last minute shopper, I'm writing that down.

I Wonder Wye said...

btw, have you read Stephen King's 'UNder the Dome' yet and is it any good?

My name is PJ. said...

Office parties always lead to interesting things happening. Your adventure was tame in comparison to many....but way more expensive!

I don't miss the office or the parties...not a single aspect of any of it.

Eva Gallant said...

Cheryl: Glad you stopped by..hope you come again soon.

Tam: The boys couldn't believe their eyes; I couldn't believe my empty wallet! lol

Christine: I learned my never happened again!

Jules: Some companies I worked for had underage employees, and the managers would have the parties with alcohol at their homes. That always made me nervous.

Kristina: I certainly made my contribution to putting them in the black that year!

Good Cook: Yeah, some people just throw caution to the wind. Personally, I prefer to confine my hyjinx to the company of family and friends.

Mommakin: I can't say that I do.

Steven: Sounds like there are stories there I'd be curious to hear!

Blissed Out G: Smart move, I'd say.

Lucy: Beer is the only way to get through it, if you can make it through unscathed!

Helene: You're right--the kids didn't mind P B & J at all!

Maya: just try not to do both on the same day! lol

Wonder Wye: I haven't read that yet; last of his I read was Lisa's Story

PJ: I agree; I don't miss them either!