Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silent Sunday: Visit Saco, Maine

I have a confession to make.  I really intended to get out and take some pictures around town for my Silent Sunday post, but yesterday it was FREEZING outside.  The chill factor brought the temperature below Zero Farenheit.  I just couldn't get myself to brave the wind and go out and take photos!  So, I found these on the city of Saco Website and thought I would share them.

This is a shot of the Saco River.  In the summer. it's a favorite place for canoe rides, picnics, and tubing.

There are many restaurants serving Maine Lobster!  Yummy!

There's also miles of  white sandy beaches--great places for swimming, sunning, and picnics!

All in all, Saco is a great place to live!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm On The Menu!

I'm so excited.  I'm all gussied up for the occasion and thrilled and blushing from the attention!  Eddie Bluelights of Clouds and Silvery Linings   has selected me for his Sunday Roast.  I feel honored and sure hope I can live up to his expectations! 

This is Eddie...doesn't he just look like a great chef for a Sunday Roast?

You're probably thinking, 'Hey, wait a minute.  This is Saturday; how come we're having a Sunday Roast on Saturday.?"  Well, it's a time zone thing.  Eddie is in England, and Sunday arrives there before it arrives in the USA.

So pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee--whoops, Eddie's British, so I guess I should be offering a spot of tea or a mug of ale--get comfy and click on the link here to join the Roast, or have a bite.  (or whatever it's appropriate to invite you to do! )  See, I'm all nervous and babbling, and not making any sense at all.  For Pete's sake, stop lollygagging and go!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Wife-Carrying Championship

(Note, please click on the Wife-carrying Championship links AFTER you have read the post.)

Every October (Columbus Day Weekend, to be exact) in the small town of Newry, Maine there's an event held called the Wife-Carrying Championship. This competition involves couples traversing an obstacle course, one carrying the other, in the fastest time. I say one carrying the other, because even though it is called the Wife-Carrying Championship, the husband may carry the wife, or the wife may carry the husband; each couple has the choice.

The course is 278 yards and includes an uphill run, a ten meter knee-to-waist-deep water obstacle, (the depth of the water depends on how wet or dry the summer has been), two 39-inch high log hurdles, and a sand course. The race is held on the lower slopes of Sunday River Ski Area, and there are usually 2000 or more spectators, and as many as 50 couples competing.


Couples must consist of one male and one female.
Couples do not have to be married.
There is a time penalty for wife-dropping.


Competitors are encouraged to be creative. The only stipulation is that the person being carried must not touch the ground. (as mentioned above, there is a penalty for dropping the passenger.)

The 3 most common carries are

The fireman's carry (draped over one shoulder)

The piggyback carry(on the carriers back with arms wrapped about carriers neck and legs wrapped around carriers waist)

The Estonian carry ( passenger is upside down on the carrier's back with legs locked around carrier's neck, and arms wrapped around carrier's waist. This is the method most often used by winners.)
Note:  It is important that during the Estionian carry that the passenger be in the back rather than in the front, for fear of disqualification under Section 69.


The winner gets the wife's weight in beer, plus 5 times the wife's weight in cash.
In the past, additional prizes have been awarded for best costumes, and most entertaining couple.

The video below shows an excerpt from a previous competition, to give you the flavor of the event.

I'm telling you about this well in advance of October to allow plenty of time for any of you who might be interested to start training in preparation to compete, and also to allow time for you to register and make lodging arrangements if you are coming from a distance. In the past, there have been competitors from as far away as Canada and California.

Winners of the Competition are eligible to compete in the World Wife Carrying Championships held annually in Finland.

Hubby and I are considering entering this year, because being both retired, we could use some extra income, and at my weight, the prize would be a small fortune--plus he would have enough beer to keep him tipsy for a year!

We haven't yet worked out which of us would carry and which would be the passenger; his knees are bad, which would make carrying a challenge for him. On the other hand, he's so much taller than I am, that if I carry and we used the most efficient Estonian method, there is some danger that his head could be bumping on the ground, or at the very least underwater when we wade through the water obstacle. These are wrinkles that we have to work through. No one said this would be easy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Throwback Thursday! 1969

Hubby #1 was in the air force: I tried his hat on for size!
Oh to be young and thin again!  (Get a load of those cat's eye glasses!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WTF Wednesday

I say WTF Wednesday because I feel like throwing in the towel, yelling "Uncle," and conceding defeat!
I just read that we not only have to worry about the fat we can see, but also the fat we can't see.   A cardiologist named Francisco Lopez-Jimenez (no info on whether he is a relative of that famous astronaut, Jose Jimenez) in his research at the Mayo Clinic over the past 9 years has determined that even if you are of normal weight and you're healthy acording to the scale, you still could be carrying fat that has you headed for heart trouble.

He has even come up with a name for this condition:  Normal Weight Obesity.  Dr. Jimenez says there are many walking around out there who look healthy but in essence, are a heart attack waiting to happen;  they seem to have normal body weight, but they have a higher percentage of body fat to muscle tissue. So indeed, we not only have to worry about the fat we can see, but the fat we can't see!  How fun is that?

And you and I thought if we dieted and lost those extra pounds, we'd be home free.   Wrong!  Restricted calorie intake the good doctor says, can result in loss of fat and loss of muscle tissue, so the ratio of fat to muscle stays the same.  We could be walking around with bodies that are looking healthy, but are acting obese!  At least I don't have to worry about that!  There's  nothing about my body that could deceive you;  it absolutely does not act healthy!

So what's the answer?  We need to head to the gym.  (also known as the Chamber of Horrors).*  Strength training and resistance exercises are needed to bring the fat to muscle ratio to a less risky balance.   Arrrgh!  The Godess of Torture** will be so delighted that I accessed this information!

*if you are not familiar with this place, your memory will be jogged in the Sunday Roast!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New England Bloggers

Today is the New England Bloggers Birthday Carnival. We bloggers who live in New England were asked to post something about the area where we live.

I live in Maine, and believe the most beautiful place in Maine is Acadia National Park. I invite you to enjoy this tour of the only National Park in Maine! Enjoy!


To connect to other New England Bloggers, click here.

Coping With Winter's Cold

I know I've mentioned more than once that it's cold in Maine in the winter.  Today was an exception.  In southern Maine, anyhow, we had rain in torents and it was 40 degrees outside.  The newscaster said we are losing 2/3 of our snow cover.  Sounds wonderful, but those of us who live here know it's not over.  We still need to get through February and March. 

And Maine doesn't have the corner on cold.  Northern New England and northern parts of the rest of the country can reach frigid temperatures as well.  And then there's our friends in Canada, who are even farther north than I am! 

I've given thought to how we cope with the cold.  We tend to dress a little warmer even when we are indoors; we rely on furnaces, fireplaces, and woodstoves for warmth.  When we venture outside, we reaally bundle up:  We don sweaters, coats, boots, mittens, mufflers, etc., against the wind and snow. 

Convinced there should be a simpler way to battle the elements outside, I surfed the net once again, and found what could be the answer for  many of us!

The full body sweater!  Now we can be warm from head to toe when we find it necessary to step outside!  Notice, the neck, the fingers, the face--all are protected.  Blue and yellow not your style?

Maybe pink and blue are for you.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.  Time to get those knitting needles out and get to work!  If I start now, I might have one finished for next winter!

Monday, January 25, 2010

When You Know Your Man Is Over The Hill

Okay, picture this scene:  Your driving.  You stop at a red light and Hubby looks out his window and sees what's shown below, and says:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silent Sunday: Winter on the Maine Coast

Portland Head Light in Winter.   Wish I could say this photo was mine, but it's not.  I found it on the internet.  The photo was taken by Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld. Here is the link to her webpage.

  I intended to post one of my own, but I got there and the batteries in my camera died.  Perhaps it's just as well:  I couldn't have gotten anything anywhere near as beautiful!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The House Behind the House

My Hubby received this poem in the Prince Edward Island Newsletter which he receives weekly.  He said it brought back memories of when he was a little kid and used to go visit his grandma in St. Frances, a small town 'way up north in Maine, very close to the Canadian border.  Grandma's means were limited and she couldn't afford many of the conveniences we now take for granted.  Her home lacked indoor plumbing, and in the yard behind the humble dwelling resided the Outhouse. 

The House Behind The House:

One of my fondest memories
As I recall the days of yore
Was the little house, behind the house,
With the crescent o'er the door.

'Twas a place to sit and ponder
With your head all bowed down low;
Knowing that you wouldn't be there,
If you didn't have to go.

Ours was a multi-holer, three,
With a size for every one.
You left there feeling better,
After your job was done.

You had to make those frequent trips
In snow, rain, sleet, or fog--
To that little house where you usually
Found the Eaton's catalog.

Oft times in dead of winter,
The seat was spread with snow.
Twas then with much reluctance,
To that little house you'd go.

With a swish you'd clear that wooden seat,
Bend low, with dreadful fear
You'd shut your eyes and grit your teeth
As you settled on your rear.

I recall the day Ol' Granddad,
Who stayed with us one summer,
Made a trip out to that little house
Which proved to be a bummer.

'Twas the same day that my Dad had
Finished painting the kitchen green.
He'd just cleaned up the mess he'd made
With rags and gasoline.

He tossed the rags down in the hole
Went on his usual way
Not knowing that by doing so
He'd eventually rue the day.

Now Granddad had an urgent call,
I never will forget!
This trip he made to the little house
Stays in my memory yet.

He sat down on the wooden seat,
With both feet on the floor.
He filled his pipe and tapped it down
And struck a match on the outhouse door.

He lit the pipe and sure enough,
It soon began to glow.
He slowly raised his rear a bit
And tossed the flaming match below.

The Blast that followed, I am told
Was heard for miles around;
And there was poor ol' Granddad
Sprawled out there on the ground.

The smoldering pipe still in his mouth,
His eyes were shut real tight;
The celebrated three -holer
Was blown clear out of sight.

We asked him what had happened,
What he said I'll ne'er forget.
He said he thought it must have been
The pinto beans he et!

Next day we had a new one
Dad put it up with ease.
But this one had a door sign
That read: No Smoking, Please! 

Now that's the story's end my friend,
Of memories long ago,
When we went to the house behind the house,
Because we had to go.

For those who never had to trot out in the Cold.....
Just Give Thanks!!!

Forwarded by George Schurman, author unknown.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tough Love vs. Spanking

I know many of my blog friends are parents with young children, and I frequently read about their problems with their children, how to discipline them, etc.  I also pride myself on the fact that I do my best to pass on any valuable information that comes my way.  If one of my posts can help one person, it will have been worth the time I spend researching and blogging.

So naturally, when one of my high school classmates passed on this gem to me, I couldn't keep it to myself; I couldn't hoard the wisdom.  I felt compelled to share it.

Tough Love vs. Spanking - Good Argument

Most people think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other
methods to control my kids when they have one of 'those moments.'

One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride
and talk.

Some say it's the vibration from the car, others say it's the time away
from any distractions such as TV, Video Games, Computer, IPod, etc.

Either way, my kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car
ride together. Eye to eye contact helps a lot too.

I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you
would like to use the technique.

Note: I understand this works with grandchildren, nieces, and nephews as well.
No need to thank me; I'm just doing my job--keeping you informed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Throwback Thursday! 1948?

I'm guessing the year of this photo.  I think I was I was four years old at the time...I'm the one in the driver's seat.  This convertible was "green" back before hybrids were thought of and before "green" was the "in" thing!  Two cousins of mine from Quebec, Canada are my passengers, and my Uncle Victor was the primary power source.  The vehicle was built by my older brothers, and obviously a great source of entertainment.

In the background is the evidence that my mother never owned a clothes dryer.  She raised 7 kids (I'm the baby--she saved the best 'til last, of course!) without an automatic washer..I vaguely remember her putting the clothes through the hand operated ringer.  That washer looked something like this:

In later years...the mid fifties...she graduated to something more modern.  It had a large tub for washing, and a smaller tub for "spin dry."  The spin dry tub didn't actually dry the clothes, but it removed the excess water and prepared garments to be hung on a line.  It looked something like this:

And, that my friends is as modern as she agreed to get!  She used that washer and hung her clothes out to dry (or in the cellar on lines in bad weather) until the day she died (about 25 years ago.).  She was convinced that electric dryers ruined your clothes, and she pointed to the residue in the lint collecter as proof.   And forget about a dishwasher!  That I guess would have been the epitome of laziness!

Enough reminiscing for today.   Hope you all have a great one!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top Ten List

I often surf the internet looking for blog fodder.  An article or photo catches my eye, and I save it for future reference.  Maybe it will result in an interesting idea for a post at some point.  When I don't have a topic in mind, I go to my files and see what I can find that gets the creative juices flowing.

    I love David Letterman's Top Ten Lists.  They're usually clever and funny, and I thought, why not?  I could come up with a Top Ten List.   The problem is, the Top Ten what?  Finally I decided.

With the popularity of email, faxes, cell phones, etc., I have found I get a lot less snail-mail than in the past.  So, I decided to make my list--

The Top Ten Things you least want to receive in the mail:  

10.  A fruitcake--one month after Christmas.

9.    A notice that you've been selected to report for jury duty, one week before you planned to leave on vacation.

8.   A letter from the IRS announcing "You are being audited."

7.   A letter from the DMV enclosing a picture of you driving thru the Easy Pass lane of the turnpike stating that you owe a $300 fine for unlawful use of that lane on 9 different occasions. 

6.  A letter from your mother-in-law telling you that she and your father-in-law are divorcing and she's coming to live with you.

5. A hardcopy of The People of Walmart, and you're in it!

4. A package marked "Dildos R Us" with a note attached from your next door neighbor saying, "Your package was delivered to my address in error."

3. A letter from your child's principal stating that she feels it was totally inappropriate for him to have brought a pair of your edible underwear "for show and tell."

2.   A package from your college student containing a positive pregnancy test and the words, "Guess What?"

1.  The package below with a note stating your Mail-Order-Mate is enclosed!



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meet Walter!

A friend sent me this video that I thought I might share with you today. The main character is Walter. I have much in common with Walter: I'm a senior citizen--Walter's a senior citizen; I can be a cynic--Walter is a cynic; I can be a dummy, Walter is a dummy. I'll say no more...I leave it
to you to watch the video, and to remind you to have a good day. Also, for those who need it, the video has Spanish subtitles. Enjoy.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Ringing My Way to Thinness!

For years I thought the only way to lose weight was through diet and exercise--neither of which am I particularly fond!  Lets face it:  most healthy foods don't have the same appeal as pepperoni pizza and chocolate;  spending time on the treadmill is much more exhausting than being a couch potato and watching a good movie.

But all that is behind me (especially the pepperoni pizza and chocolate!) now.  I have just found the secret to losing those extra, unwanted pounds and I'm willing to share it with you.  I don't expect anything in return (but feel free to send cash and gifts).

Who knew that losing weight could be so easy?  I feel so sorry for those people who have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on gym memberships, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems, and Weight Watchers.  I also regret all those times when I passed on pepperoni pizza, potato chips, or pasta; resisted Russell Stover; gave up Godiva Chocolate--okay, obviously there weren't that many times for me!  But I'm sure others have overlooked opportunities to O. D. on all kinds of yummy stuff in the name of dieting.


It's easy, economical, and effortless for every one.  I figure if I get eight of these babies and wear four on each hand, I should be able to achieve that bikini body I've been longing for since 1975 by late spring!  And the best part is, I shell out $4.00 each.  Let's see $4.00 x 8 fingers = $32.00.  That's less then we spend for a nice dinner out.  And nowhere in that ad does it mention foregoing my favorites!  It's a win-win!

I'd hang around and chat longer, but I've gotta' get right on this!  Hmmm...   Goldtone or Silvertone?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silent Sunday: Deer Yards

I have tried to find the source of these photos, but have had no success.  They came to me in an email, and had been forwarded  to the person who sent them to me.  I'm not 100 percent certain that the photos were taken in Maine, but I do know that deer yards exist in northern Maine. 
A deer yard is a place deep in the forest where deer spend the winter.  They do not hibernate per say, but they retreat into the forest and spend the winter in areas where they can find shelter from the cold and deep snow under fir trees.  They spend 100 to 135 days in their "deer yard," depending how far north in the state and how cold the winter is.

 They rely on leaves, twigs, and lichen for food.  Their metabolism slows down in winter, so they can survive on fewer calories; also, they have the ability to burn the accumulated fat in their bodies as well the ability to reabsorb their muscle tissue.  About 3 to 35% do not survive; fragile fawns and old bucks are the most likely to succumb.

There is a concern that as more and more of our forsest areas are devoloped, there will be less deer yards.  White tail deer are not hardy enough to go farther north than southern parts of Canada.  Efforts are being made as camping areas and snowmobile trails are are created to preserve large areas as wildlife refuges.

(I know this is usually my"silent Sunday" post, but I felt these photos required explanation.)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Updates

Several  of you asked for an update of the picture I posted on throwback thursday   of my sons when they were toddlers.  Here we go:

This is a picture of them when Eric the oldest (the one on the right) got married about 10 years ago.  I've always said the only reason Jason the youngest (the one on the left) is still alive today is that from the time he was two he was bigger than his brother!

This is Eric and his son Austin at a soccer game last summer.

This is Jason and his son Nick about 4 years ago...I couldn't find a current one of the two of them together.

And on another topic; do you remember last week I was trying to make a hair-raising decision?  Someone asked that I let you know what I decided. 

I elected to compromise between the crop circles and the skunk cut, and this is how it turned out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm celebrating!!!!!   I now have 200 followers!  Also, 52 of you have signed my guestbook,  (what's up with thae?  why only 52??  Scroll down, if you haven't signed it yet and want to)  I want to thank all of you, and I have no idea how many are subscribed to my blog, but I want to thank you, too!  I am amazed that there are that many people out there with a warped sense of humor who keep coming back to see what foolishness I have on my blog each day.   Or maybe it's a bunch of bored net surfers who drop by for lack of anything better to do.  Whatever the case--I'm humbled and thrilled at the same time.  I hope you will continue to stalk,  er, follow me and continue to give me those "spectator shouts" as I wrestle my way through retirement.

You all have made a big difference in my life.  I love reading your comments, and I love visiting your blogs as well.  Again, thank you all, very much!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Co-Sleeping in 1978?

When  my boys were babies, we lived in a 3 bedroom house.  They each had their own bedroom.  After a while, I decided to get bunk beds and  move them in together, so that I could have a sewing room.  I felt very, very guilty about depriving them of their individual rooms to fulfull my "selfish" needs.

Eventually, we moved into a 4 bedroom house, and the boys could each have their own room, and I could have my sewing room.  (Back in the day, I was a SAHM and had the time to make most of my own clothes.)  We took the bunk beds apart, and each boy (by then ages 2 and 1/2 and 4) has his own bedroom again!  I was relieved of all guilt and ready to settle in happily.  However, every night when I went to check on them before going to bed myself, this is what I would find:

I finally gave up after about a month of this, moved the bunk beds back together in one room, and set up the extra bedroom as a playroom for them!

Today the one on the left is 36; the one on the right just turned 38.  They both are Dads and each have 2 kids who prefer to share the same room .  An inherited trait, apparently!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting in Shape for Research

After all the trouble I had doing my personal G-spot research (if you missed that post, click here.), I decided it was time to do some serious work toward getting into shape.  After browsing the internet, I found the site that would help me be able to master any future contortions demanded by my "research."

There is a new exercise or fitness dicipline called Acro-Yoga.  At least it's new to me.  I knew that yoga was good for stretching, etc., but this method steps it up to the next level.  There are a number of places where once can learn these moves.  Here's one that caught my attention..loved the name!

So, I decided to delve into this with enthusiasm.  It certainly looked like fun!  I watched a while.

 The person on the bottom, when two people work together is called the base.  The person in the upper postition is called the flyer.  And then there's a third person, not visible in this picture, called the spotter.    That person's job is to make sure the flyer doesn't crash, so to speak.

Finally I decided to take the plunge and try this myself. It took some practice, a little twisting, and a little pain. (Okay, a lot of twisting and a lot of pain!)  This is called the Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundina.   I really think the results will be worth it.  A few weeks of this, and I'll have no problem finding the quarter or nickel in my hoo-hah. (see link above if you are confused here.)  Of course that search may come up empty-handed, as I've already gone through the change!

When Hubby saw how much fun I was having, he wanted to join in.  With a little work, (okay, a lot of work!)  we were able to master something called the "Bat Pose."    I should stress, however, do not try this at home.  You really need to be under the guidance of a professional to avoid injury or any permanent dislocations.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Coulda' Used Some Lessons!

Man, I went to college in the Dark Ages apparently! It was 1963, a college so small, chances were pretty good that the President of the Place knew you by name. If he didn't, then the Dean of Students sure did.

We were young and naive; for most of us it was our first time away from home. A good percentage of us were virgins, believe it or not, and some of us even graduated that way. When it came to romance, we were on our own; there was no GPS to guide you on the road to a successful relationship. We fumbled along blindly, like mice in a maze.

This is not to say there weren't a few among us who'd been around the block a time or two, but they weren't sharing their expertise. A guy like Michael Christian (pen name William Cane the Kissing Doctor) would have been a big hit. Of course, the strict college I attended would probably have banned him and his program from campus.

For those of you who have offspring on campus now, maybe they will have the good fortune to share in this training program.  Below is a video clip giving you a sample of the program he brings to college campuses (campii?) today.

If Michael Christian's program does not come to your child's campus, never fear.  He has a dvd available, and for a fee he gives private lessons to couples.  He has also written a book, The Art of Kissing.  For more information on these gems, click here

I'm just here to inform!.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pleasure Hunt?

I'm confused.  The other night I happened to catch Joy Behar's show where she and guests Liz Winstead , co-creater of the Daily Show, and Naomi Wolf, author of Give Me Liberty, discussed The G-Spot.

For any of you who are not aware, the G-spot is believed by some to be an area on the inside wall of a woman's hoo-hah which when stimulated results in a really big "Oh."  (I'm trying to keep my blog somewhat PG-rated, so if that's not clear, then you may want to Google it; the information, not your G-spot.  Well, I supposed you did google it, your G-spot, not the information, you might indeed end up with a big Oh..)

You'll notice I said "believed by some."  That is because there seems to be some disagreement about whether or not it actually exists.  A German gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg hypothesized it's existence in 1960.  Studies have been conducted at varying times since then trying to confirm or disprove its existence.  Described by some as being about the size of a nickel, and by still others as the size of a quarter, no one has actually been able to put their finger on it, so to speak.

I find it interesting that despite the fact that the G-Spot has not been scientifically proved to exist, there are self-help books and potions available on the market to insure optimum benefit from it.

The latest study conducted in England which involved questioning sets of female twins ranging in age from 23 to 83 claims to prove the G-Spot does not exist.  Liz Winstead says it does exist; she knows because she has one.  Joy Behar agrees with the detractors; says she doesn't have one and doesn't want one! 

All this debate aroused my curiousity, so, parking my bare butt on a mirror, flashlight in hand, I decided to do some research of my own.  With one leg behind my ear, having cleared away the cobwebs, I perused the, ah, territory and confess I found no letters of the alphabet in residence in my hoo-hah.  Granted, I wear bifocals; I might have missed it.  It's possible that it shriveled up and fell out due to inactivity.  Or, the Brits could be right, and there never was one.   

Darn!  Even my research is inconclusive!  (Now if I can just get that leg back out from behind my ear- - -)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silent Sunday: Somewhere in Maine.

Somewhere in Maine, a fellow named Bill was standing on his deck which is 2 feet off the ground.  Bill is 6 foot 1 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds---just to give you a little perspective on the size of this female moose!  I'm not sure I would be brave enough or insane enough to get this up close and personal!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wow, You're All of 12 Now! Have a Drink!

Party Time?
                Champagne and Mikes Hard Lemonade for All!

Below is a link to a video on UTube.  I don't know if you have seen this story but I find it very disturbing.  I know I often do tongue-in-cheek posts, but in  this case I'm totally serious.  The video is a news clip about a mother providing alcohol to her 12 year-old daughter and 10 of her friends aged 11 to 14 at the 12 year-old's birthday party.

Please go watch the clip and then return.

As a mother and a grandmother I am so floored by this story, I don't even know where to begin.  And the fact that it sounds like the woman is walking away with $7000 in fines but no jail time blows my mind.  When my boys were in high school, we had go arounds about alcohol.  They knew that I was against underage drinking.  I know I wasn't successful in stopping them from drinking altogether, but I was usually on top of things, and if it happened there were consequences; they might be grounded, not allowed to  have friends over, etc.  Under no circumstances would I have allowed them to host a party where alcohol was served, and I certainly never would have  served the alcohol.  And this was when they were 16, 17, and 18--not 11, 12, and 13.

Am I alone in thinking this is a serious crime and this woman should serve time, and Child Protective Services should be involved?  I'll admit to being a bit over-the-hill, but am I that far behind the times in thinking that it's not appropriate to party with your preteen kid?  Was she hoping for extra special Mother's Day presents for being such a "cool Mom" or what?  I really want to hear what you all think about this!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair-raising Decisions!

I looked in the mirror and concluded that it's time to do something with my hair.  It's at that stage when it's grown out of the original cut style; the perm is almost gone, so I have to decide whether to perm again or not, to cut again or not.   I have to ask myself, do I want to make a small change?  maybe a radical change is in order?  How to decide?  Hubby is no help in this situation. 

I decided to go on the net and see if I could get some good ideas for a new "do."  I was amazed at the possibilities.  I grabbed some of the photos and thought I would post them here to get my blogger friends' input.  (Even my health insurance encourages a second opinion!)  I hope you'll give this your best consideration before passing on your suggestions.

I could go REALLY short and get this kinda' futuristic "crop circle" cut.  I have mixed feelings about the look.  I mean it's obviously "easy care," but it may be just a little too masculine for someone my age to pull off. (no pun intended.) Another negative is my noggin might be to chilly sporting this during winter in Maine.  I'm not that fond of hats, but I guess I could wear one with this style and not have to worry about messing up my "do."

This picture isn't very clear, but you can get the idea.  It's still a short cut, but with a two-tone flavor.  I'd call it a skunk cut.  White on the crown with black or brown around the ears and back.  My har already has a salt and pepper appearance; this would just be a case of dividing the salt from the pepper.  The advantage is that it's a short style that would be easy to maintain as far as shampoo and blow-dry.  The negative is it would require a lot of time separating the "salt" from the "pepper"--and it could be painful.  I could have it dyed that way, but then cost becomes an issue--going back for frequent color touchups can be expensive, and I'm trying to live on my social security and small pension.

Now this has definite possiblilities.  It's certainly different and an attention getter.  (As a Leo, I love being the center of attention!)  But then again, there's the danger of poking Hubby's eye out if I roll over too close to him during the night. (We just coughed up the cash for new glasses the day befor we left on our trip in September;  if he lost an eye, that would mean half of that cash would be wasted!)

Maybe I could go a little "retro" with an Afro.  My hair takes a perm really well, and the beautician says I have a lot of hair.   With a tight perm, and a little work with a pick--I could totally create this!  But maybe it wouldn't be as cool in "salt and pepper."  (and I prefer to avoid the cost of color!)

Maybe I could try going with a longer style for a change.  I guess I'd need a weave at first, until my hair grows out more, and a volumizer to get that extra lift and fullness.  It sure would keep the noggin warmer than the crop circle cut! 

 I could compromise..  a little beehive on the top, some ponytail in the upper back, and then a "man cut" from one ear to the other?  I'd definitely want a little more bangs than this though, because I have a large pore  on my forehead I inherited from my father, and I like to keep it hidden.

Maybe I should let it grow even  longer and splurge on some color.  I could be stunning as a redhead.  (Of course I couldn't pull off this entire look--too much cellulite on my butt!)  Wonder how Hubby would like me as a redheaded ho'?

If all else fails, I could just let it grow REALLY long and try this updated version of the "shag."  With the added advantage of warmth, and an ability to get away with wearing anything or nothing, that just might be the ticket!  Oh, wait.  Could I ever find a hairnet large enough to cover it all when preparing meals?  Hubby hates finding hair in his soup!

Decisions, decisions.  They boggle the brain.  I am grateful to the website The People of Public Transportation for providing me with all these options to mull over.  Your input, my bloggy friends, would be helpful!