Thursday, January 21, 2010

Throwback Thursday! 1948?

I'm guessing the year of this photo.  I think I was I was four years old at the time...I'm the one in the driver's seat.  This convertible was "green" back before hybrids were thought of and before "green" was the "in" thing!  Two cousins of mine from Quebec, Canada are my passengers, and my Uncle Victor was the primary power source.  The vehicle was built by my older brothers, and obviously a great source of entertainment.

In the background is the evidence that my mother never owned a clothes dryer.  She raised 7 kids (I'm the baby--she saved the best 'til last, of course!) without an automatic washer..I vaguely remember her putting the clothes through the hand operated ringer.  That washer looked something like this:

In later years...the mid fifties...she graduated to something more modern.  It had a large tub for washing, and a smaller tub for "spin dry."  The spin dry tub didn't actually dry the clothes, but it removed the excess water and prepared garments to be hung on a line.  It looked something like this:

And, that my friends is as modern as she agreed to get!  She used that washer and hung her clothes out to dry (or in the cellar on lines in bad weather) until the day she died (about 25 years ago.).  She was convinced that electric dryers ruined your clothes, and she pointed to the residue in the lint collecter as proof.   And forget about a dishwasher!  That I guess would have been the epitome of laziness!

Enough reminiscing for today.   Hope you all have a great one!


DJan said...

When I lived in Puerto Rico in the early 1960s I used a wringer washer for diapers. It was an experience I'll never forget. I actually miss having clothes hanging on the line, they smell so good!

Sue said...

Cool photo. That is great to look back like that. Wow, that is amazing your mother never had any "modern" appliances.

I like to hang my clothes out, but only in the summer (sometimes & weather depending, etc.)

Thanks for sharing this. & Yes I'm in NH the state right next door - lol.

I'm following your blog now too. Have a great day :)

glnroz said...

You forgot to mention the old black pot that was used to heat water for the washing machine or maybe ya'll had a water heater. lol

singedwingangel said...

I remember my memaw having a wringer washer for years. She never owned a dryer and hung her clothes out even though she got a new fangled washing machine in her 60's..

Shelley said...

I see you still have that lovely smile even back then.
I think those washers are hilarious.

Nezzy said...

Well, aren't you the cutest thing? We had a wringer washer that was used once a week on our back porch. We had to heat the water on the stove for a hot/warm batch then they would bask in the sunshine, or freeze on the line in the winter. This Ozarks farm chick sure doesn't miss the good old days!!!

Enjoy your day and may it be filled with sunshiny blessings!!!

Anonymous said...
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Molly said...

it always amazes me with how much harder it was to raise kids then (that washing machine is crazy!) I feel like I have nothing to complain about!

Steven Anthony said...

your mom sounds amazing, much like my grandma, who said life was harder back then, but much made ya strong she would say, then kiss my cheek and give me a cookie;)

K a b l o o e y said...

Great photo! You were a cutie. This makes me wonder why I'm tired -- one kid, appliances galore, lots of takeout food... thanks for the reality check. I guess I would have managed, but seven kids has GOT to be work.

Char said...

Awe, I love these old photos. I can tell that you and I are the same age. And, you still have that sweet smile. Thanks for sharing these.


TechnoBabe said...

The car looks like so much fun. You were the one in charge in the drivers seat! You apparently have always had the spunk you show in your blog. That is one of the things I like about reading your blog. Actually I like to see clothes on the line. Different times and different locations I hung clothes on a clothesline, and I can remember the feelings of peace as I hung the clothes. And the clothes smelled so fresh! Especially sheets and towels.

grandmamargie said...

I remember those wringer washers. They were heck on fingers if you weren't careful. And my grandmother had a front loading washer in the sixties. I remember watching the clothes and sudsy water tumble around.

Pat said...

My mom always hung the clothes out on the line. Nothing like the smell of sunshine!

Did you ever hear that saying "Tit in a ringer"? Well, that happened to my aunt in one of those old clothes ringers! Talk about leaving a mark! Yowzer!

Eva Gallant said...

DJan: And all those dryer sheets you can buy just don't come close to making clothes smelll as good!

Sue: She thought dishwashers were a waste of money, although she did own a vacuum cleaner!
Welcome, Follower! lol

Glen: I can't remember, but I'm sure she would have heated the water on the wood stove. I know the radiators operated on steam heat, but I don't know if back then it heated the water for laundry. I know eventually the water was heated by the furnace, because I remember taking showers; we didn't have a bath tub until my Dad built us a new house which we moved into when I was in the 8th grade.

Singed: Sounds like our Mothers could have been kindred spirits!

Shelly: Back then they were a serious improvement over the washtub and washboard, I'm sure!

Nezzy: But you have to admit the clothes smelled so good when you brought them in off the line!

Molly: We take so much for granted now!

Steven: There were always homebaked coookies in my mom's cookie jar, too!

Kablooey: I know--I felt I had my hands full with 2. (The stepson was added when he was about 9, which made 3) I don't know how my mother did it!

Char: Thanks And I'm so glad I have them to share!

Techno: I guess growing up the youngest of 7 required spunk to survive! lol

Grandma: I feel like somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind is a memory of one of my siblings having caught an arm in the wringer, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll have to ask about that at our next family get together!

tattytiara said...

That is the exact same technology that my grandmother used to wash her clothes until the day she died at 102 yrs old.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Mom never let me touch the wringer washer. She was always afraid it would suck my arm in!

lakeviewer said...

Yep. These bring back lots of memories.

gayle said...

I have never seen a washer like the 2nd one!! Interesting!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love the pic of you "driving".

My grandmother has an old wringer washer. I remember how much work it was to do the laundry. Ugh.

Glad things have gotten easier :-)


ethelmaepotter! said...

My sister-in-law had one of the OLD wringer washers when I first met her...and this was in the 70's!
Is that a pair of really huge granny panties hanging on the line?

sanjeet said...

I actually miss having clothes hanging on the line, they smell so good!

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Unknown Mami said...

Hmm, there is an awful lot of lint in my dryer. I always wonder how the clothes don't just disappear.