Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Book Review: My Midlife Crisis, By Gregory, J Dulac

I just finished reading one of the funniest books I've ever read.  Ita title is My Midlife Crisis by Gregory J. Dulac. 
The book is a true, hilarious 263-page quest for "the best midlife crisis."  At age 43, Dulac has decided he's ripe for it; he's earned it.  He considers all of his options and at their favorite bar,  engages the aid of his life-long buddies, Gary, Tony, and Joey, to make it happen.  I found  myself giggling at the guys' description of the perfect date for a 9 and a half week affair, and each volunteers his services in the effort to find the woman in question.

When Gregory goes home that night and presents this perfect plan to his wife of 17 years, Tracy, he can't understand why she's less than lukewarm about his brilliantly conceived plan.  She doesn't nix it, she just lets him know there'll be no more "exploring th Island of Tracy" once he carries it out.

There are so many wonderful and funny things about this book.  Dulac's self-deprecating humor and his wife Tracey's quick wit are entertaining.  But the book also contains great information on how to set measurable, achievable goals, too, as the author sets out to get himself into "the best shape of his life,"

With humor, honesty, and humility Dulac brings us along with him as he works to attain physical fitness, marital fitness, family fitness, friendship fitness, and spiritual and community-service fitness.  If you enjoyed my description of my experiences in the "Chamber of Horrors with the Goddess of Pain, you'll love his descriptions of his experiences with "Lucifer," the personal trainer.

As a means to record his goals and his progress, Dulac is obsessed with charts; he makes charts for everything!  As part of his charting and planning to work on his "marital fitness," he has a goal of being intimate with his wife 41 times per month.  When questioned by Tracey as to how he came up with the number 41, Greg explains as follows:

"I read in a magazine how a couple got intimate every day of the year and got much closer.  It sounded like a great idea, so I did some math.  Thare are 365 days in the year.  I subtracted major holidays, because they're too hectic to fit it in.  Next, I planned for twice on Saturdays and Sundays since we have more time.  We can make one of them a quickie."  Tracy made one of those faces where you raise your eyebrows as if to show acceptance.  Or she was thinking, "They're all quickies."  "I also doubled special days like my birthday, your birthday, and our anniversary.  Finally, I wanted to maintain some spontaneity, so I added an extra two per month.  I figured I'd surprise you with those.  Grab you when you least expect it to keep it exciting."  I handed Tracey a sheet with my math.

Days in the year                                365
Major holidays                                    -4
Weekends                                      +104
Special days                                        +3
Total per year                                    468
Divided by 12                                      39
Surprises                                               2  per month
Total per month                                   41  per month*

*Quote from My Midlife Crisis by Gregory J. Dulac

Needless, to say, Tracey had her own ideas about that particular goal, which also set me chuckling!

As part of Gregory's community service fitness, he has decided to donate 100 percent of the profits from the sale of the first 1000 copies of this book to The Ted Volger Youth Center, which he has established in the North Deering neighborhood of Portland, Maine. He wants to provide a sports and recreation center where kids can play games, do crafts, and hangout, without the rigid structure of organized youth sports.

As I said earlier, My Midlife Crisis is one of the funniest, honest, and humble books it's ever been my pleasure to read. I'm reviewing it here because I suspect that somewhere in a previous life, Gregory J. Dulac and I may have been related. His sense of humor is so similar to mine; but he has been able to sustain it throughout an entire book! I admire and respect him so much for that. This book is a perfect Father's Day gift for your husband, or maybe a birthday gift for your husband, brother, or brother-in-law! Plus, by purchasing the book you will be donating to a great cause, as well as giving yourself, a family member, or a friend the opportunity for some great belly laughs!

If you are interested in ordering a copy of this book, it's available on the website  There you can buy the book through paypal, or send a check and order through the mail.

Pictured on the back of the book are the author and his family:  Front row,   Tracey Dulac, his wife, sitting between their twin daughters, Jamie and Kelsey--sorry, I don't know which is which! Back row, their son Zack, and Greg.

I really hope many of you decide to order this book; it is just so funny and heart-warming.  Plus, you'd be helping out a good cause.  There's a little something in there for everyone, including a couple of recipes for healthy Italian soups!  (Even though Greg's last name may be of French origin, he's definitely is Italian!)  Who knows, the recipient might even get inspired to start their own fitness program.

I am not being compensated for reviewing this book. In fact, a dear friend loaned me her copy, and I laughed so hard reading it that I immediately went to the website to order one for myself! At 70, it's not likely that my Hubby is headed toward a midlife crisis, but I know he will laugh his butt off reading it!
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Steven Anthony said...

I turn 43 this month, maybe I better buy a copy;)

great review.

My name is PJ. said...

It sounds very good. I'm going to have to add it to my ever growing list!

Mommakin said...

What a great review! Looking at the cover and thinking, "My hubs has the bike and the guitar...uh oh..."

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

Too funny - I've got to buy it just to see what his wife said about his 41 per month goal! Great review.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Wow, what a great review!! This guy sounds hilarious, I'm definitely adding this book to my list. Thanks!!

DJan said...

Heading right over there now, thanks for the review! It does sound like your kind of humor, Eva. It sounds like a lot of fun (like you).

withoutadornment said...

Both my husband and are a quick a ways away from a midlife crisis, but this book sounds entertaining regardless.

Canadian Blend said...

I had the most boring midlife crisis ever -- I bought a new bike... and I mean a 12-speed. (What's saddest is I think it was a great midlife crisis purchase... I didn't realize it was weak until buddies pointed it out that I needed to think bigger.) :)

Meeko Fabulous said...

I'm SO going to have to find this book! It sounds hilarious! :)

Kristin said...

That sounds pretty darn funny!

Eva Gallant said...

Steven: Not a bad idea!

PJ: You won't regret it! It is soooo funny.

Mommakin: You should get it; you'll both love it!

Susan: There are so many laughs in the book. I hope you do get it; I'll be anxious to hear if it made you laugh as much as it did me!

AnythingFits: Don't forget, it's only available on the website right now.

Djan: Hope you like it as much as I did!

WithoutAdornment: Hubby and I are no where near midlife either, but it is such a good read!

CandadianBlend: You would enjoy this book, I promise.

Meeko: go for it!

Kristin: It is soo funny!

lakeviewer said...

Hi Eva, thanks for visiting me and being so sweet and generous. I truly melt with appreciation when someone leaves me a comment on that blog. It is so personal, and painful, that I cannot be objective at all.

tattytiara said...

I tell ya if I ever write a book, you're writing the review. You're a very compelling woman, Eva!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Wow, you and I BOTH did a book review in the same week? what are the odds?
This sounds like a great book, but I'm not buying anything that gives Fred ideas about 41 times a month of intimacy! Quickies or not, 41 times is about 40 times too many!

Housewife Savant said...

You do a great book review!
[chanting] More! More! More!
I always skip other people's reviews. Go figure.
Have I mentioned that I'm a bi...
Where was I?

Like Mommakin I'm ticking off items my Mr.'s been up to...
Thinking this IS a good Father's Day gift.
Then I can read it during our July vacation. =)

Life with Kaishon said...

If you like it I will love it : )
It sounds funny for sure. I don't want Gary to go thru a mid life crisis for a while yet. I need to get a baby first! If only I could convince him Miss Eva!

gayle said...

Sounds funny!!