Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To the Buff Broad on the Bike

Do you suppose that's what that skinny broad at the gym is thinking when she gets a load of Moi, trudging my oversized carcas to the Silver Sneakers Class?  I mean there's so much more to me than she.  (I know that's grammatically incorrect, but I liked the rhyme--rhyme and alliteration are  the way I roll!)  I have "more to love," more gray hair, and more life experience.  Somehow, I doubt she envies me.  But I sure envy her!

 When I was young, there were very few gyms and it wasn't lady-like to sweat. Somehow, for me, staying slim and trim took a back seat to trying to hold a failing marriage together, then to working full time and being a single mom .  Today I wish I'd taken better care of myself!  Unfortunately we don't get a do-over in life; unless there's some truth to Edgar Cayce's theory of reincarnation.  (Look him up on Wikipedia if you're intrested.)  Since we probably don't get a do-over...

To the Buff Broad on the Bike:

Peddle, peddle, 'til you sweat;
I know that we have never met.
You work so hard, the peddles fly;
If I tried that, I'm sure I'd die!
Wish I'd been here at your age.
I'm not svelte, but I'm a sage.

Wise enough to know I'm not
Within reach of the shape you've got.
For far too long I sat on my butt,
And now I've got a pizza gut.
But I attend the "senior" class--
At least it get's me of my ass!

My advice?  Don't let it go,
That buff physique that you love so.
Don't let life and stress get in your way;
Exercise 'most every day.
Had I known then what now I do,
You can bet I'd be as buff as you!

poem by Eva Gallant


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Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Good for you, going to the gym now, which is way better than never! Working out wasn't something women did when you and I were young. But we need to get up and keep moving and be strong if we want to feel good and live longer. And I like the fact that in your poem you praise the buff broad who's working out, and wish her well.

Brittney said...

love the poem!

good for you for working out.. thats more than i can say for myself

5thsister said...

Clever! Well done and well said!

jules said...

Rhymes and alliteration all the way.

You keep rocking out in your silver sneeks and don't worry about Miss Skinny on the bike. Doing something that monotonous surely shows a lack of intelligence anyway! Classes are for the mind AND body!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Eva Sweetie....
Yeah...I am clapping, clapping, clapping. I am right there with you sister. I know how great we used to look and how hard it is now. I am an insulin diabetic, and I never had a weight problem until they put me on insulin. It is the hardest journey I have ever traveled.

You keep on peddaling girl, and you ride for me too. I am so proud of you. Let me know where you bike to today. If you make it to Phoenix, give me a shout out, okay?

Loved your poem, and adore you. Happy Wednesday sweetie. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a poet, Eva!

I was like you: I spent my time raising children & trying to hold a failing marriage together; then working full time. It's hard to exercise. But yup, if we just get out there we're helping ourselves. We may never be svelte again (I love that word don't you; it sounds so naughty), but we can be healthy(ier).

glnroz said...

why, you are a regular Poe-it mixed in whith a little bit of Phil-off-is-her.

DJan said...

Well, if you're not svelte, at least you're swell! And a favorite of many of your admirers, at least one of whom is glad to hear you make it to the Silver Sneakers class. I go to the gym every day during the week, it takes the place my job did. I figure it's my job to stay in shape!

Aurora said...

HI stopping by from SITS. What a great post!! love the poem.

Steven Anthony said...

You are such an awesome gal, no need to envy anyone.....loved the poem;)

lakeviewer said...

Eva, your buff broad has not had to prioritize her time the way you had to. I bet she'll put herself first, no matter what. She'll make time for the gym and the social part of her life that will feed her ego and her fantasies. For the rest of us, we learned big lessons to pass on to our children.

R.J. said...

Thanks for the cool poem. Not bragging or complaining, but the daily exercise means I can fit in my airplane seat without getting thrown off the plane.

R.J. said...

Thanks for the cool poem. Not bragging or complaining, but the daily exercise means I can fit in my airplane seat without getting thrown off the plane.

R.J. said...

My keyboard stutters.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Very cute! You should be proud of yourself for getting into a work out routine.

My name is PJ. said...

Holy Carp and Flounder, EJ! This is AWESOME! There's nothing like composing a little ditty to express your innermost feelings.

You should be clapping yourself on the back and high-fiving yourself for going to Silver Sneakers. Hey, I used to have silver sneakers......I think they were Reebok.

Debbie said...

Love that poem! And who cares what other people think:)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...


I have a skinny bitch ...oops skinny neighbor who counts everything everyone eats including herself. She was frantic when she was pregnant that she would gain more than 10lbs. When she gained 38lbs we all had to endure her constant talking about it. now that she has no time for the gym she is whining and saying things like this baby is going to make her miserable if she can't wear her skinny jeans.

She's missing her life. I'd take a few extra lb's and adore the baby and who the hell cares about the size of your jeans. My grandma used to tell me that youth was wasted on the young - I get that now.

Robin said...

Love Love the poem....its perfect...I thought buff was is in my book...Good for you Eva...and healthy makes wealthy..!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

What got me was Dick hurt his foot and couldn't do anything about ten years ago and I sat around with him! Good for you Eva! It's harder to get back on the horse!

Kristina said...

this is so great to read...I just signed up for a gym membership an hour ago! Woot woot for the working out!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

You know I love poetry! Yours was fantastic! That broad on the bike may not envy you but I bet she doesn't have your wisdom and life experiences.... and honestly, for that, I do envy you. I've always been drawn to folks a little older than me because of their stories, their jokes and their abilities to live life more than me! So take that bike broad and kudos to you Eva!

Eva Gallant said...

Kristina: Good for you! Stay with it!

Lucy: I hear ya'. Joe has arthritis really bad in his knees and has difficulty walking, so we don't go many places that require walking--hence my lardass!

Aurora: Thanks for stopping by!

Glen: I'm still not as clever as you!

Jules: Thanks for the encouraging words!

Laura said...

you are a friggin' riot!

Short Poems said...

Very cute poem Eva, thanks for sharing with us :)


Eva Gallant said...

Laura: I hope that's a compliment

Marinela: Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Eva Gallant said...

Marinela: glad you like it. thanks

Laura: I hope that's a compliment!

gayle said...

Great poem and great advice!!

Libby said...

What's important is that you have all of us, while she has no SITS-tahs (or butt!)
Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

SilverSneakers said...

Eva, we love your poem! How creative!

We're so glad you are a part of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program! We want to encourage you to keep going to your classes and keep up the good work!!

Check out our Facebook community and join in on the fun there too!

Good luck to you and your journey to being fit!

Your friends at SilverSneakers