Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Few Unique Rides!

I thought you might find these totally unique cars fun to look at!

If you like them long and low, this might be for you!

Maybe you prefer a bit of an amphibious look?

If you're ready for "the last ride?"

Or maybe you prefer to "sneak" around.

This one is only available if you're a Native Mainer!

I've got nothing for this one!

I'm thinking, sportscar turned flower-power mini-van?

At last, an authentic motor home!

Put a little "lift" in your life!

This one has to be for the beast in you!

Now here is the ultimate gas-saver!

Perhaps this is an air-beetle?

It's a stretch limo ala the Delorean!

Now there is the ultimate pain job!..that is only one vehicle!

I guess this must be for really BIG wedding parties, or for taking the entire class to the prom!

Which would be your pick?
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Ratz said...

OMG!! This is amazing.... i loved this.... and that was the best paint job i have ever seen.. so darn great

Brian Miller said...

those are the most amazing cars...actually i like the sandcastle one..."a mans car is his castle...when he cant go home"...and we hace a few of those grave digger of logan inside the wheel well...

My name is PJ. said...

Wow! So creative....I have a sneakin' suspicion that a couple of those were the result of an acid flashback......

Just sayin'...

Candice said...

Those are wild! The boat/car combo was very interesting.

My daughter would love the sneaker car. ;)

Debbie said...

Well you gotta love the lobstah car!! Looks like something we would see in the Clam Festival! That's some big limo at the end! I thought my brothers huge RV hauling his truck looked long!! Where the heck do you find these things?

Steven Anthony said...

those are amazing!

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style

natalee said...


Eva Gallant said...

Steven: Glad you enjoyed them!

Debbie: That Lobstah was pretty special!

Ratz: It was hard to tell that wasn't 2 vehicles.

sEy said...

Ratz, send the link to me about this post and have such a good time looking at the cars....I like the ultimate gas saver...hahaha!

Pat said...

How'd you get a picture of our RV? Ha! If we lived in that one, we wouldn't have survived a MONTH, let alone 5 years!

Lots of cool cars!

Rose said...

what is there to say? Are any of the cars for sale? It would be hard to pick the best. have a good day. rose

Rose said...

what is there to say? Are any of the cars for sale? It would be hard to pick the best. have a good day. rose

Eva Gallant said...

Rose: I'm sure they'd be scooped up at yard sales! lol