Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Look and Half of 84

If you've been to Wrestling With Retirement before, you may be noticing I have a new look!  I thought it more befitting the content of this blog.  The old face, while pleasant, had become just a little too staid for the direction my posts have taken.  I was fortunate to find a young graphics designer who came up with this logo for me and didn't take my whole social security check in the process.  He also has created business cards for me with the same logo.  (I was told I should bring business cards to Bloggy Boot Camp, which is what inspired this whole change.)

The creator of this gem is Drew Robbins and you can get in touch with him at GMAC Graphics  .  As you can tell, he's very talented and captured my likeness perfectly!  Drew designed the business cards for my son's business, which is how I found him.  Check out his website--he provides a variety of services.

Now, if you have recovered from the shock and awe of my new blog design, I have bad news.  Joan at The Retirement Chronicles tagged me with the task of telling you 84 things about myself.  84!  I begged her to spare my readers the pain and boredom, but she was insistent, as she pointed and giggled at me.

To make it at least a little bit interesting, I decided I would include some untruths as well as facts, and see if you can spot the lies.   Here goes:

1.  I once tried to dye my hair deep red.

2.  I once dated a fellow who carried an extra battery and booster cables in his the trunk of his car, because that hunk of junk was always dying on him.

3.  I have at least one friend that I have known for 60 years.

4.  I cannot watch a parade without getting teary-eyed.

5.  When I was 17, I had a teddybear tattooed very high on my left thigh so my mother would never see it.

6.  I love oatmeal cookies with raisens in them.

7.  When I was teaching, I replaced a student in a play when the girl who was supposed to act that particular part came down with pneumonia a week before the performance.

8.  I was once tempted to have an affair with a good looking fellow who worked in a button factory.

9.  When I was in high school, I shot at a couple of male friends with a B B gun.

10.  I was 16 when my best friend's 15 year-old brother taught me how to French kiss.

11.  When I was 10, I was sure I wanted to become a nun and had photos of nuns from different orders on my bedroom wall.

12.  I smuggled rum into my college dorm room and hid it above the ceiling tiles on homecoming weekend.

13.  I once had 3 kittens named, Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod.

14.  When my cousin dared me to eat a caterpillar, I did it, then promptly vomited on his shoes. (I was 9 years old.)

15.  I am not fond of children unless they are blood relatives; then I may just dote on them.

16.  Grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced tomatoes in the middle are a favorite of mine.

17.  I was driving a farm tractor when I was 6 years old.

18.  At 14, I went for a "joy ride" on that farm tractor with my best friend while my parents were out.

19.  In second grade, I told a girl she was going to hell because she wasn't Catholic.

20.  I once had a singing role in a community theater production of Godspell.

21.  In high school, I more than once sneaked one of my Dad's Camel cigarettes and smoked it.

22.  As a young child, I used to read by the light attachment of my Viewmaster under the covers after bedtime.

23.  I once decided to read the World Book Encyclopedia from A to Z, and did.

24.  I did not learn to speak English until age 6.

25.  As a child, I trained my dog to jump through a hoop.

26.  In high school, my best friend forced me to eat pizza while holding my nose.  I hated the smell.

27.  I adore football and never miss a Patriot's game.

28.  My favorite drink is a vodka gimlet, which I make with lots of vodka and just a squirt of lime.

29.  During my first pregnancy, I craved tacos.

30.  During my second pregnancy, I craved chocolate donuts.

31.  I have had 6 different dogs in my life:  Buster, King, Tippy, Zeus, Tiger, and Barkley.

32.  I sold magazine subscriptions over the phone one summer during college.

33.  When I was 18, I spent a summer working as a lifeguard at a local beach.

34.  At 18 I once got very sick on whiskey and rootbeer.

35.  One Christmas, I unwrapped all my gifts, looked them over, and re-wrapped them a week before the holiday.  (I think I was 12)

37.  I dangled my best friend's bra out her bedrooom window at the paperboy, and whistled to get his attention.

38.  I read every book in the Nancy Drew series.

39.  I was once one of two women in a training class with 98 men.

40.  As a kid, my favorite sandwich was marshmallow, raspberry jam, and cheese.

41.  I was voted class flirt in my high school yearbook.

42.  At one time I visited an internet adult chat room using the name Sinderella.

That's all I'll burden you with today.  Can you guess which 6 are not true?
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Kristina P. said...

You crack me up. Love the new look. It doesn't look a day over 85.

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I love your new look!! Very cool. Okay. This is only guessing all the way but I'm gonna say 5, 8, 11, 23, 26 and 42.

Tam said...

Button Factory...good one! And I'm sorry, but who DIDN'T read all the Nancy Drew books???

Vodka Logic said...

I haven't been by for awhile but I had to see the new look.. I love it.

There are a few I would think wouldn't be true,,but who knows people do all kinds of things that surprise me.. thanks for the laugh

Janiece said...

I really like the new look!
You are so funny..
and which ones are not true...I could see you saying or doing almost all of them :o)

BLOGitse said...

This new look is cool! Fresh and clear...

ps. thank you for the Name/URL comment option!

Brian Miller said...

as a kid you had some really funny taste these are awesome...and i love the new header!

My name is PJ. said...

I'm going to guess that you learning how to speak English at 6 wasn't true. Button Factory guy - too.

Whiskey and rootbeer? Ewwww!

Love your new blog header. It's perfect!!

Suldog said...

The new logo is superb! Great job by your friend!

I hope #16 is true. Grilled cheese with tomatoes is one of my favorite sandwiches. As for the rest, I won't venture any haphazard guesses. But, if you had photos of nuns on your bedroom walls... well, let's just say it's no surprise you had to be taught to french kiss at age 16 :-)

Debbie said...

I love the new look Eva!!! I wish I had known you were looking for someone to build this for you! My husband builds websites! He's doing one right now for someone and does a great job. Good for you!! NOW....You ARE WRESTLING WITH RETIREMENT!! Bravo! Well....let's see...only ONE of those statements you wrote came up on my Bull shi* meter....The one about you having the Nun photos all over your wall and wanting to be a nun?? Somehow I just can't picture that!!

DJan said...

Your new look is fantastic, Eva. And the banner is pretty darn awesome. I am pretty sure you didn't get a teddy bear tattoo, and for some reason (maybe somewhere in your previous posts) I don't think you like raisins in your oatmeal cookies. All the rest of them, well, you certainly have fooled me.

Steven Anthony said...

LOVE the new look;)

Steven Anthony
Man Dish~Metro Style
Life in the Fish Bowl

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Call me crazy, but those all sound plausible to me...

Writing Without Periods! said...

I'm going out to buy ingredients for your fav sandwich. sounds delish.
Love the new look.

jules said...

Love the new look. I didn't read all the Nancy books, but LOVED Ramona.

glnroz said...

NOPE!,, I think i am gonna believe 'em all.. lolol,,,Oh i do like you new page, waddent nothin' wrong with the old either...

Eva Gallant said...

Tam: there really was a button factory, and I really was tempted; he was a cross between Robert Redford and Tab Hunter. (Of course, I was young and thin at the time. You loved Nancy Drew, too? I loved those!

Eva Gallant said...

Blogsite: Glad you like the new look.

Deb: All he did was design the banner. I installed it and revamped the website myself.

Steven: Glad you like my facelift!

Jules: Glad you like the look.

Glen: there are 6 lies in there! lol

Cunning_Linguist said...

I love the feel and new look. Well done, Drew. 2 points for your scary good skillz.

Eva, don't tell me #6 is a lie. You know I'm going to make good on the offer of sharing a big ol plate of them with you someday. We can get all drunk on brown sugar and sing a little of #20 together. It'll be great!

Ms. Wanda said...

Love the new look and you know we have the same template:) That must mean I'm on the right track! xoxox

natalee said...

I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING.. and I love 35... sounds like ME!!!!!!!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I like the new look. And like others, I could believe any of these statements. Just guessing: 5 (tattoo), 6 (oatmeal raisin cookies), 13 (kittens), 20 (Godspell), 24 (speaking English), 42 (Sinderella).

The Retired One said...

Oh DID IT!!!!!
See how much fun it is?? And you really mixed it up by putting in lies..I can't tell which are true and which are not..but you did me up PROUD!!!!! Thanks honey!!

Meeko Fabulous said...

I haven't forgotten about your button yet! It's just been madness.

Pat said...

These are all good (and funny). I won't guess as I'm catching up on all your posts.