Monday, August 2, 2010

Workforced: A Blog Review

If you've been riding the hamsterwheel of corporate America, you are going to love Workforced.  Here's a writer who takes a tongue in cheek look at the jargon and the shenanigans of life inside a large company. 

As one who felt the "company footprint" on my butt as I was pushed into retirement months earlier than I had planned, I'm loving his blog.  Don is witty, cynical, and always funny.  His dictionary of corporate jargon or "jargonary" which begins here  is laced with snarky comments that will give you chuckles, giggles, and often deep belly laughs.  If you haven't been reading Workforced, I highly recommend you check him out; especially if you've spent any part of your working career within the confines of a cubicle at a large company!

He has an interesting take on each company department, be it purchasing and payroll, training,   or .marketing .  The fact that he has over 1000 followers should tell you that this is a workplace comedy blog that you won't want to  miss! 

Pay him a visit and tell him I sent you!
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Pat said...

How nice of you to give him a shout out. I'll zip over to his blog now!

Marla said...

One of my faves....behind yours, of course!