Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Second Half of 84

Yesterday I started on the daunting task of writing 84 things about me--a task imposed on me by Joan from The Retirement Chronicles.    I decided I would mix things up a little by including a few untrue statements in with the facts, and let the readers guess which ones were untrue.  The Untrue statements from yesterday are:  #5. (I to this day have NO tattoos!)  #14.(I have NEVER eaten a caterpillar, although I'm sure I would have vomitted if I did!)   #23<. (Although I once decided to read the encyclopedias, I only made it through the letter N.)  #27.  (I hate football!)  #30.  (I did not crave chocolate donuts--I don't remember if I had any cravings during my second pregnancy.)  #33.  (I have never been a lifeguard.  I doggy-paddle when I swim.)

So, those are yesterday's lies.  How did you do?  Let's see if you can pick out the lies today.  Here comes the other half of those 84 things about me:

43.  I once coached girls' basketball.

44.  For many years, I refused to have any color car other than red.

45.  My latest car fettish is a sunroof.  Won't buy a car that doesn't have one

46.  I once did the breast stroke for six miles while lying on a rubber raft.

47.  I once let some of my students spray my hair green for halloween.

48.  Manicures are my treat; I always have a bright color or pattern on my nails.

49.  I have seen the movie Blind Date starring Bruce Willis no less than 20 times.

50.  I have performed 3 weddings.

51.  Disney Parks are places I have never visited.

52.  I tried scuba diving; decided I wasn't a fan.

53.  Tunnels frighten me...especially long ones.

54.  I once petted a bear in our barn.

55.  History was my favorite class in school.

56.  I belonged to the Red Hats for a couple of years.

57.  I sold life insurance to a man I met at a bar who later committed suicide.

58.  A landlord once reprimanded me for "stirring up the cockroaches" by spraying raid all over my apartment.

59.  I once drove off the road and got stuck in a snow bank while trying to elude a police officer.

60.  There is a large pore the size of a crater in my forehead that I try to keep covered with bangs.

61.  I love board games and card games.

62.  I have read almost all of Janet Evanovich's books.

63.  Not to brag, but I can still fit into the earings I wore in high school.

 64.  I have a temper and have been known to get angry and hold a grudge for weeks.

65.  The last time I was "carded" going into a bar, I was 37.

66.  I made most of my maternity clothes myself, with the help of my sewing machine.

67.  I once sang, "We Shall Overcome" on a radio program.

68.  The college I attended was in the middle of blueberry country.

69.  My first teaching job paid $5000 for the year, and it included extra stipends for coaching girls' basketball, girls' softball,' and drama.

70.  I can float on my back or tread water for extended amounts of time.

71.  My college roommate and I made a chart on our dorm room wall where we kept track of how many kisses we received.  It was disguised as a graph charting atmospheric and barometric readings.

72.  I once painted my husband's toenails while he was napping.

73.  I have a collection of hippos.

74.  I once collected neon beer signs.

75.  My high school guidance couselor co-signed a college loan for me without my knowledge.

76.  Several times through the years, I have read Lady MacBeth's sleep walking speech, replacing the punctuation with sound effects in front of an audience.

77.  I was one of the first patient to give birth using the Lamaze method in the hospital where my kids were born.

78.  For relaxation, I like to play the guitar.

79.  I did not realize what my real name was until I graduated from college.

80.  I once went steady with two boys at the same time.

81.  My guilty pleasures are watching some "reality" tv such as the Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Dating in the Dark.

82.  I have a not so secret crush on the whole Celtics Basketball team.

82.  I'm a big fan of the WWF, hence the title of my blog.

83.  In college I lived in mini skirts or tight jeans. 

84.  This is the most tedious thing I've ever had to do, and I never want to do it again.

There are 6 lies in today's post.  Can you guess which statements they are?

Answers tomorrow.

Thanks for taking the time to read these last two posts.  I hated writing them as much as you probably hated reading them.

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Brian Miller said...

6 miles? wow. (not true, right?) eluding a police officer (maybe)
petting a bear (are you nuts)

think i will pick those as 3 of them...hmm...i kinda hope i am wrong...smiles.

Gaston Studio said...

Your # 63 made me laugh out loud Eva, good one!!

Steven Anthony said...

You always make me

lakeviewer said...

Love,love,love all these things about you, lies or not. The bear thing?
p.s. your new digs are cool.

Canadian Blend said...

46, 53 and 59 are the less-than-true items.

I'm sure you would never run from the law.

E Valavan said...

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Ms. Wanda said...

OMG I'm glad you had to think of 84 things about yourself and not me:) Man what a list! Will there be a quiz later:) xoxoxo

Kristy said...

There's no way you've petted a bear and lived to tell about it! But, since you added the detail about the barn, it makes me think it may be true...

Eva Gallant said...

Canadian: sorry, all three of those are true!

Steven: What struck you so funny here??

The Retired One said...

Ok, OKAY>..sorry I put you thru this exercise...but admit it, you had SOME fun, didn't you?????? I learned a lot from it about you...except now I am trying to remember which ones are true and which ones aren't or might not be....hahaa Love ya girlfriend for doing this "tedious" chore and giving us some laughs. Besides, misery loves company and I had to do it, so you did too. ha
Thanks again for being such a good sport!

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Oh Eva, these are such a hoot! I didn't do that great on the first one let's see how I do this time. 45, 52, 54, 70, 78, 82

natalee said...

You painted your husbands toenails?????? LOL... and i love 63

Candice said...

I can't tell a lie, I didn't read them all.

HOWEVER, I will say that I love the new layout.

Is petting a bear in your barn some kind of code for getting jiggy with it? Don't lie.

Pat said...

I just LOVE the fact that you can still fit in a pair of earrings that you wore in high school! I laughed out loud at that one!