Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sundays in My Neck of the Woods

On Route One just on the east side of Freeport, Maine is an eatery called Buck's Naked Barbeque.  We decided to get naked and pay Buck a visit--not really.  (We visited, but fully clothed.)

There's a cheery pig on the sign that's bound to make you smile, and the aroma of smoked meats makes the mouth water!

The place is a log cabin, and dark wood and exposed rafters inside with a bar at one end, and a small space for a band at the other gives the place a back country feel.

As the sign above shows, there are four choices of BBQ Sauce on your table, and I had to try each of them.  All were tasty, but my favorite was the Red Bottle described as "sweet and tangy with a chipotle finish."  The South Carolina Mustard BBQ was unique...I had never tried anything like it.

 We had Onion Rings as an appetizer.  They were pretty good, but the crumb coating didn't adhere to them well, and many were "bare."  I would have to say, I've had better.
 I had a combination plate with St. Louis style ribs and Baby Back ribs, potato salad, baked beans, and cornbread.  The serving was huge, and I brought some home to have for lunch the next day.  There was no problem getting two meals out of that one serving!  The St. Louis ribs seemed over done;  they were crusted with black ash on the outside and seemed to have a lot of fat on them.  I didn't eat some of them because of the fat.  The Baby Back ribs were better.  The potato salad and baked beans were delicious, but the corn bread was dry and hard.  I love cornbread, but I left that piece untouched except for my small initial bite.

 Hubby had Pulled BBQ Pork, BBQ Sausage, and BBQ Chicken with potato salad and baked beans.  He enjoyed his meal except for the cornbread, and his chcken leg went home with us; even he couldn't finish the huge serving.
We said "Goodbye" to Buck's and probably won't be back soon to visit, if ever.  There are other places that serve better ribs, I think.   I will miss the potato salad and the beans...they were the best part of the meal!

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Kelly L said...

I love a good BBQ - it is hard to find a restaurant that is consistently good..

Love to you.
I've Become My Mother

David Waters said...

I love bbq...sounds like this wasnt the best:( but the search continues;)

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...salivating on my onion bbq...we just made carolina style bbq last week...sooooo good!

unless it isnt...sorry.

Vodka Logic said...

I have just recently started to like BBQ. its the smoking that I don't like.. but my husband in his persistance has made a liker out of me.. thanks for the review

Lynn said...

Those are HUGE servings! Wow. The name of the resturant is intriguing but I don't think I'd make a plan to eat there.

gayle said...

Your meal looks yummy!! I would have hated that the corn bread wasn't any good.....I love good corn bread!!

Tara R. said...

Oh my... I can almost smell that wonderful smoky aroma. Now, I'm hungry for some BBQ. (fully clothed of course). Sorry the food wasn't as good as it looked.

Steven Anthony said...

a bad cornbread can ruin a meal;( but good bbq can make the world better;)

Jen said...

I have been there before.......not impressed enough to yearn to make a repeat was ok....and servings were way to much for my liking.

Unknown Mami said...

It really bums me out when cornbread isn't good because there is just no excuse for it. Cornbread should always be delicious.

Amy said...

I love the fact that you keep finding such unique restaurants--even if the food does disappoint you at times.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

That is my kinda place. Give me that any day over high end eateries. The food is absolutely huge. It all looks so yummy!!! Thanks. for sharing these eats.

Joanna Jenkins said...

It's always so disappointing when a BBQ joint doesn't get it right. Sorry you didn't love your meal.
Happy SIMC, jj

Charlene said...

That is definitely food you do NOT want to eat naked! LOL!

Eva Gallant said...

Kelly: That's true. The best I ever found so far is Tom's BBQ in Memphis, TN.

Steven: Right on both counts! lol

Jen: I guess we agree on that!

natalee said...

you had me at th name.. anywhere with Naked in the title gets my votes....mmmmmmm now im hungry... did i tell u these are my favorite posts????

The Vegetable Assassin said...

You know, after those first couple of sentences, I got some popcorn and a comfy chair and got ready for some depravity, then you LET ME DOWN!

Ha! Can I just say, YUM!