Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sundays in My Neck of the Woods

Friendly's was founded in 1935 in Springfield, MA, by  the two young Blake brothers, Curtis, 18, and Prestly, 20.  who sold ice cream cones for 5 cents.  In 1940, the brothers opened a second store in West Springfield, Ma, and added hamburgers to the menu.  the ice cream shop became a restaurant, a corporation was formed, and now there is a chain of over 500 restaurants employing 16,000 mostly on the east coast of the United States.  The chain spans across 16 states, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C.

While I have been to the store in West Springfield, Ma, and a few of the others, the nearest one to me now is at 210 Maine Mall Road, in South Portland, Maine.  This location has booths, tables, and a take out window.
Friendly's is a family restaurant, and the decor of this particular store has a fairgrounds theme, with a merry-go-round, tilt-a-whirl, and other fair rides depicted in large murals on the walls.

Hubby started off with a cup of piping hot clam chowder into which he crumbled some Saltine crackers, his favorite way to enjoy soup or chowder.

He followed that with a turkey club sandwich on toast, which was loaded with turkey, tomatoes,  bacon, and lettuce, and was accompanied by fries.
I chose the Honey BBQ Chicken Super Melt, which consisted of country breaded all-white chicken breast strips smothered in Honey BBQ Sauce, with bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing on grilled sourdough bread.   That, too, came with fries.

Friendly's slogan is "Ice Cream makes the meal", so of course, Hubby had a hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream.
I had the hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  The entire meal was delicious.  I don't chose to eat here often, because you get a sandwich, fries, a drink, and a sundae--all for $9.99!  So it's practically impossible to have a meal there and not end it with a sundae!  (Naturally, it's one of my husband's favorites, because of the sundaes!)

The information about Friendly's comes from Wikipedia,  You can visit Friendly's website to locate the restaurant nearest you by clicking here.

I was not compensated for this review, and we paid for our dinner.  The opinions expressed are mine. and mine only.


Brian Miller said...

you did not get a fribble shake...gasp...i love friendly's

Lazarus said...

Eva, I think you'll agree that Friendly's is surprisingly good. Deceivingly so, in fact. Great review and great pix. It would be a good place to bring the kids after you see the new Justin Bieber movie!

Out of My Mind said...

I love Friendly's! Whenever I visit my daughter in CT we always go there at least once. The food is great for kids and parents alike and we always leave with a baloon and ice cream stained shirts.

River said...

That looks like a very pretty place to eat and that's certainly a lot of food for only $9.99. Real value for money.

loveable_homebody said...

Wow, you sold me! You sure you don't have a background in marketing? Thanks for the bit on the bottom about you not being paid to write this and also paying for your meal. Always best to assess likely suspicion of bias.

Deb said...

Fribbles every Friday night as a teen in Gloucester, MA! It was THE place to go...only because there were no other teen "friendly" places that we could afford.

Al Penwasser said...

I LOVE Friendly's!! How can you not love a place with ice cream desserts that are bigger than your head?
I've been to the South Portland Friendly's. Also, the one in Brunswick, Maine.
But, my love for Friendly's started in Stratford, Connecticut. I remember being disheartened when the Navy took me to Norfolk, Virginia in the 70s. The nearest one was in Richmond! Thankfully, Friendly's now is a little closer so I can visit there when I visit friends and family in that formerly barbaric region.
Luckily, I live in Pennsylvania and they're all over here.
Think, I'll go have a tuna melt and chase it with a Jim Dandy this afternoon.

Moooooog35 said...

They just closed the Friendly's here in Salem, NH.

Now I have to go elsewhere to pay for my Happy Ending.


Tara R. said...

Any restaurant that includes sundaes with its meals is a winner with me.

I remember dining at a Friendly's during a trip to D.C. a few years ago.

jules said...

Ive ALWAYS enjoyed Friendly's. I havent been in years, but there is one right by my new work, so it's probably in my near future! Sooo good!

Kristin - The Goat said...

We used to have a Friendly's in Lansing, MI. I remember going with friends a few times and even on a date. It was great that the meals were priced with a sundae included so that you always saved room :)
via FF

Bossy Betty said...

I was getting hungry and hoped we'd go out for Sunday dinner! I was not disappointed!

glnroz said...

791 miles to the closest one, but it looks like it might be worth the drive. I have never been to Ohio anyway.. lol. Looks like a "friendly" place,,,

I'm Jane said...

I loved Friendly's! I grew up in Ohio and my best friend was a waitress there during the summers. She used to bring me free food if I picked her up after her shift. Yum!

However, I always hated that they felt the need to make their mint chocolate chip ice cream green. GREEN IS NOT AN ICE CREAM COLOR!

Vodka Logic said...

We have a Friendlys right down the street and in there from time to time. Husband won't though...he's a snob.

It's good and predictable food, and I love the Vienesse nut ice cream...called something like that.

My fave are there old fashioned hamburgs on toast.

Sofia's Ideas said...

I love Friendly's ice cream! My favorite is putting the swiss chocolate sauce on vanilla & chocolate ice cream, topped with almonds. Delish! :)

Clipped Wings said...

Now I wish there was a Friendly's here. You and your commenters have given it such glowing reviews.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Friendly's in Green Brook NJ was our hangout after Monday night jazz band rehearsals in high school.

Ah, how I miss that place. We used to have Farrell's in SoCal, but they seem to have vanished as well.

Sad, really.

injaynesworld said...

OMG! All that for $9.99? I could get in real trouble with a place like that nearby.

And, as usual when I visit you on Sunday, I'm now ravenously hungry.

Coffee Slut said...

I've never had a bad meal at Friendly's!

Eva Gallant said...

Outofmymind: You sound like me...I always end up with something on my shirt!

Deb: That's the thing---it's affordable AND good!

jules: I don't blame you for stopping in soon. Good stuff!

Glenn: I don't know if I would drive that far to eat at one, but certainly if I was in the neighborhood, I'd have to stop by.

Jane: Don't forget pistacio(?). That's green, and lime sherbert, too.

Sofia: I agree!

Clippedwings: Nice to know I'm not the only one who likes the place!

tsonodablog said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Friendly's! They used to have one in Toledo when I lived there. My favorite thing to order was the Chicken Pot Pie....amazing! And then, of course, there was the ice cream. Oh yum.

She Writes said...

Cheap and Friendly?! What's not to love?? You're killing me with these Sunday posts. Here I was thinking I'd make a little salad for dinner. Now I want a burger (mention the word burger and I want one), fries and ice cream ;)!

Tam said...

Now i no only miss the snow, the fall colors and the lobster, you've just reminded me how much I miss Friendly's! The BEST. FRIES. EVER.

Sonya said...

Oh man that food looks amazing! I miss the American diners..they are the best.

ceodraiocht said...

As a teen, I worked at Friendly's. Nothing like sticky ice cream running up the length of your arms from digging it out of the big bins. In spite of that, I still love the stuff.

Unknown Mami said...

Mint ice cream is one of my favorite treats.

Eva Gallant said...

ceodraiocht: Funny, I worked at an ice cream shop as a teen (not Friendly's), and I am not a big fan of ice cream by itself. But when you put hot fudge on it...I can't resist!

UnknownMami: I just discovered it recently....I like it quite a lot!

Jayne: I's hard to believe you can get all that!

Coffeeslut: Neither have I!

Terri: They do have really good ice cream!

Tam: Yeah, the fries are pretty darn good!

Sonya: I agree!