Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

(This is not an "Eva Original."  It came to me on email but I just had to share it!)
Spring Cleaning Poem

I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I'd been 'computering',
And I had to answer 'yes.'

He told me to get off my fanny,
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.

I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick...
I was just admiring my good work.
I didn't mean to 'click.'

But click, I did, and oops - I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into it -
I was into it all night.

Nothing's changed except my mouse.
It's very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess...
While I sit here on my hiney.

I guess I should get off my hiney!



Candice said...

Not as good as an Eva original, but I'll take it. ;)

River said...

I love it!
I'm going to get off my hiney too.
One day.
When my hiney starts hanging over the chair.
Note to self: buy a bigger chair.......

EmptyNester said...

I need to get off my hiney too! But I don't want to. LOL

Brian Miller said...

hehe. i agree with the first comment...but fun none the less

Bossy Betty said...

Very cute! I like my magic box too!!!

Pat said...

I love it! Problem now is....I have to share computer time with my husband...the wi-fi sucks here at the campground so I can't use my computer! Wah!

rosaria said...

If they invent something better, less fattening, less costly and with as much fun and stimulation, then I will give this up.

Claudia said...

sounds like you're describing me..he-he..

Tam said...

Love love love this!! It's the story of my life!! (But I agree with Candice, not as good as your own work!)

Eva Gallant said...

Tam: Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the compliment!

Rosaria: I agree with you!

Theresa said...

The cartoon lady looks a lot like me. Except I would never wear polka dots. I see enough spots before my eyes Don't want to add to the madness. Funny stuff. Love my PC too....and my friends in there. I heart them, and you!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Cute! And very true. :)

Lazarus said...

Funny and true!

beetlelovescupcakes said...

I totally relate to this post! Love the little graphic cos it's so true to me Heheheh I also love the graphic on your blog header, I think it's so apt and funny, I might think of getting some merchandise for my mom LOL

Eva Gallant said...

Theresa: I think lots of us look like that cartoon!

Frisky: Very true! and glad you liked the apples and wine thing I sent you!