Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Word Wednesday #22

Every time I comment on a website where I have to type a word verification to get my comment posted, I can't help but think, "What a waste! What could possibly be a very helpful word is now going to disappear and never be seen again." With all the attention being paid to "going green" in this country, I think it's time for bloggers to go green and recycle the letter combos used in word verification. (I personally did away with the process to eliminate the waste of words, but some people just aren't as conservation minded!)

I decided several weeks ago to start a meme called "New Word Wednesday", thus creating a dictionary of new words based on the letter combos that pop up in the word verification process. You may feel free to do the same, or to grab my words and use them. (You know, if you use a new word three times, it's in your vocabulary forever; at least that's what I've heard) Just think, we can learn new words and go green just by recycling/reusing the words that show up at comment time.

Here are this week's words:

dredles:  (noun) nickname used to refer to a group of people who wear their hair in long, rope-like locks; as in, "The ship from Jamaica was teeming with dredles."

gateds:  (noun)  term used to refer to upscale condo and apartment communities that are surrounded by security fencing and have a guard on duty at their entrance; as in, "Andrea was nervous about moving to a large city from a small town, so she opted for an apartment in one of the gateds."

lisms:  (noun)  words difficult for a person with a lisp to pronounce; as in:  "When Ralph prepared his speech for the student governor elections, he made sure to avoid using any lisms."

trikery:  (noun) a factory where three-wheeled bicycles are manufactured; as in, "Adam needed a steady, safe means of getting around his neighborhood due to his lack of balance and found what he was seeking at the trikery."

wookera:  (noun):  the period of time in which the Star Wars Wookies were popular with youngsters; as in, "Karen remembered the wookera part of her youth fondly and was not concerned when her daughter seemed obsessed with the vampires in the Twilight series."
Well there you are!  Remember, use a new word in a sentence three times and it is in your vocabulary forever--at least that's what I've heard!


Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I just loved this post! You took one of my most pesky irritants and made it into a joke. I took word verification off my blog 8 months ago and haven't looked back since. Not only are they "a waste of words", they are a colossal waste of time, and a waste of some good comments --when the screen changes and people think their comments have been posted and then move on. Let's hope people get the message. Rosemary

Brian Miller said...

the dredles even have a song they sing

grow yours out today
a bird live in mine today

Pearl said...

That was fantastic, Eva. :-)

And Brian? It fits the "Dreidle" song perfectly!

Pearl said...

Oh Eva these are so funny today I don't know which one I like best.
Brian's dredles song has sort of tipped it for me.
I got 'ratsnot' last week but I didn't send it to you as it more or less spoke for itself!
Love Wednesdays now thanks to you XOXO

Bossy Betty said...

Oh, I have missed these.

rosaria said...

Glad to see you in your old mode. Well, not old, exactly. But yes, a mode we recognize. Hope you're doing well as you can.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I literally cuss out loud every time I have to type those stupid things in!!! Ugh! Hate 'em!

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Actually, I think The Dredles should be a Jewish Beatles cover band. Songs like:

I Want to Hold Your Hummus
Eleanor Feinstein
This Goy
I Wanna Be Your Mensch
Love Me Jew
I Am a Waldman (Koo Koo Ka Jew)

Unknown Mami said...

lisms and trikery are my favorites.

EmptyNester said...

Excellent! Good to see you back! Hope Mr. Eva is doing well!

Pastor Sharon said...

Well, during Wookera, I wore dredles. But that was only when we lived in one of the gateds. I got picked on but only because of the lisms in my conversation. Heck, one time I got hit in the head so hard I couldn't walk straight and had to go to the trikery and get my balance.

The Frisky Virgin said...

Wookera. My favorite to date! LOVE it!

Pat said...

My hair will never be long enough for dredles! Some day I may live in a gateds!