Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sundays in My Neck of the Woods

There's a restaurant in Gray, Maine, called DiSanto's.  Their specialty is Italian food, and they do it well.  They have an extensive menu; it's tough making a selection.

I decided to start with a glass of wine....that always makes things easier.  The menu does include Italian and American food, as well as a children's menu.  The price range for entrees is $15 to $29, which does not include salad.  There are a variety of salads to pick from at an additional charge.

I have to confess, we were out with my son and his wife and their two children, and I was chatting and found I'd pretty much finished my salad before I remembered to take a photo! was a delicious salad.

I chose to have the lasagna--a layering of cheeses and noodles topped with a generous amount of their magnificent marinara sauce, accompanied by a meatball and an Italian sausage link.  The sauce was were the lasagna and the sausage.  The meatball was just okay; if I went back again, I'd choose to have two sausages instead of one of each.  There was also lots of crusty fresh Italian bread to sop up any leftover sauce!

Hubby had the Chicken Parmagiana, which consisted of a generous portion of spaghetti topped with that same wonderful sauce, accompanied by a large chicken breast lightly breaded and pan-fried in olive oil.
My daughter-in-law had the lasagna also, and my son had broiled scallops which he also enjoyed. 

My grandsons shared the chocolate lava cake, which they both loved; in fact, I thought the older of the two might lick the plate.....he kept saying, "This is SOOOOO good!"

My son and his wife shared the cheesecake with strawberries, which was also a hit! (My son slipped me a taste, and it was divine!)

Carter, Austin, and I posed for a photo after that sumptuous feast.

The day we were there, the bushes were just begining to bud, but in the summer, the entrance looks more like this:
If you'd like to know more about DiSanto's, visit their website by clicking here.  You'll find their full menu, some mouth-watering photos, and information about banquets and catering.



singedwingangel said...

OH that lasagna looks amazing and now I am hungry.. How is hubby doing hun??

Unknown Mami said...

I love the picture of you and the boys.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Italian food is now my favorite, lol! Over here EVERYTHING is made fresh, from scratch, daily!!! YUMMY!!!!

Clipped Wings said...

I see you had a wonderful meal with good company. Love the photo.

Brian Miller said...

nice...cute little ones! i will take some of that chicken for sure...or a roommate in college dated and italian girl, eventually married her...lord, she could cook...

EmptyNester said...

Wow, that's quite a difference between beginning spring and summer!

I could smell the food, BTW, and am now really wanting some chocolate lava cake...I mean, lasagna. LOL

How's Mr. Eva today?

Debbie said...

Yum! That looks and sounds incredible! Glad you had such a good time.

Pat said...

That looks delish. Now I have a taste for something Italian today! Yum!

tsonodablog said...

The food looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I am an Italian food junky.
LOVE your picture. Lovely lady and darned cute kiddos!

rosaria said...

Glad you had a good time and ate good food. If you hubby was with you, then, he's feeling better.
My husband could eat Italian food every day, for every meal. I like variety. Though, I really excel at cooking Italian food. What's not to like about lasagna and sausages?

Jen said...

Of all "Sunday etc....there are maybe 2 places I would not go. Great job, eva. All these plates look yummy.

Eva Gallant said...

Clipped: I like the photo, too!

Terri: The food was delicious. Thanks for the compliments.

Rosaria: Actually, this visit was on Mother's Day, before the DooDoo hit the fan, so to speak. But he is feeling better now.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

I LOVE family-owned Italian restaurants. (But I am from Youngstown-holla!-so what do you expect?) The food, and the company, looks awesome! :)

She Writes said...

Eva, you make me hungry on Sundays!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Holy smokes, that's one fabulous looking meal.

Eva Gallant said...

Jen: I suspect we think somewhat alike...being related and all! lol

Dawn: And awesome it was!

She Writes: I try!

Kristin: It was absolutely fabulous!