Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sundays in My Neck of the Woods

Jumpin' Jake's Seafood Cafe and Bar seemed like a good choice for a seafood meal.  We happened to be there for their grand opening, which wasn't all that grand.

One side of the building was labelled "Restaurant.  In the middle was a takeout window with a few picnic tables on a patio.

On the right hand side, there was a sign that said "Pub."   We decided to eat in the dining room, assuming there would be a broader menu than in the Pub.
The Pub looked a little fancier than the "dining room" below:

Actually, it's less a "cafe" than a takeout place.  You go up to the corner and place your order.  They did bring our order to our table.

The menu was not what I expected...everything was fried.  There were scallops, clams, clam cakes, and haddock, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings.  The only thing that wasn't fried was the lobster; that was available steamed or in a lobster roll. 

Mr. Eva chose the scallop dinner, which consisted of fried scallops (in crumbs), french fries, coleslaw--which he said tasted better than it looked, and an overly microwaved roll.

I chose the fried haddock nuggets.

I also ordered a side of fries.
And we shared a large order of onion rings.  (a small one would have been adequate...we ended up leaving half of them!)

We both had planned to order broiled seafood, but the option wasn't available.  Although our choices tasted good initially, I regretted having chosen them about half way through the meal.  Maybe it's because we've been making healthier choices in our eating lately, but all that fried stuff ended up a little sickening to me.  Plus, the price was not cheap, considering you placed your order at the counter.  We will not be returning to this one.


Al Penwasser said...

Hey, I've heard of 'Jerks of Grass!' Didn't they used to be called "Lunatics of Lawn?"

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Eva, Sorry the new restaurant turned out to be a dud.
xo jj

Jenny Woolf said...

Haha gives me a heart attack just to look at that!
I came to your blog via Blogger help - my Followers button has also vanished. When yours returns let me know and I'll do the same and maybe we can follow each other! :)

River said...

The pub section does look more inviting than the cafe. The deeply cushioned red seating and dimmer lighting along with the polished tables looks like it has ahd way more money spent on it than the very old out-dated cafe.
It's been months since I've had fries.

Brian Miller said...

dud. i might have been dissuaded from stopping when i read the jerks of grass were going to be

Jen said...

yowza!!!! Did not look apettizing.....oh, well, can't please everyone!

Pat said...

Well, it sounded good, anyway! It's not too often that we hear a bad review from you! At least you are honest!

Tara R. said...

I'm terribly biased. Living so close to the coast where 'catch of the day' is just that, i'm very picky about my seafood. Sorry this cafe didn't measure up to your expectations.

rosaria said...

It is a common dilemma, anticipating to order a healthy meal and not having much choice. I bet tough that people go out to fried seafood more often than to broiled seafood.

Clipped Wings said...

I always call it heart attack food. I can hardly eat it anymore. Like you, I try to eat much healthier now, and that kind of food makes my stomach revolt big time.

Eva Gallant said...

JennyW: I agree..a heart attack waiting to happen.

Jen: It definitley was nothing special.

Rosaria: You may be right, but it's hard to beat a good piece of broiled haddock topped with a little butter, bread crumbs, and lemon juice!

Clipped: I think that's what happened to me. It just didn't settle well!

tsonodablog said...

Don't you hate it when you spend good money and don't get your expectations met? We have a pretty tight budget and when we're able to go out to eat, we stick with the tried and true places.....not because we don't want to experiment (because I love experimenting!) but because we want to go home satisfied. I totally get why you won't be returning. Don't blame ya!

She Writes said...

You kill me, girl! Luckily this one didn't get me ;)!

The Old White Barn said...

Eva, you should do more reviews - this was excellent. It was a fair and balance opinion of a local restaurant. Your local hot spots should be begging you to stop in!

I'd check with you first before I ate "in your neck of the woods"!

Great review!


The Broad said...

Some eating places should be required to post a health warning at the entrance -- this sounds and looks like one of them. Better luck next Sunday!

Reeni said...

Sorry it was such a disappointment Eva! The onion rings looked pretty good!

Eva Gallant said...

Terri: It is frustrating!

SheWrites: sorry! lol

Unknown Mami said...

I OD on fried food pretty quickly. A little goes a long way. Like maybe one fried item, but not the whole meal.

Kristin - The Goat said...

It's sad when a grand opening is a thud and even worse when the food is a dud. The onion rings looked good - I'm an onion ring connoisseur.