Monday, July 18, 2011

The Circle of the Seasons

I’m feeling really beat and battered by the heat.
A dip in a pool that could make me feel real cool
Would bring me such relief, from my head to my feet!

I hate to complain about the frying of my brain,
‘Cause soon summer will be old, and I’ll be sitting in the cold.
That’s just what I get for living here in Maine.

There is a price to pay for living where they say,
“The way life should be;” away from the insanity—
Far from “Carmageddan” and removed from the fray.

Though the wind may huff and blow, there’s seldom a tornado.
We may suffer spring muds, but there’s no devastating floods.
And we can expect that in autumn, the forests turn calico.

Yes every September, the leaves change color, you remember.
Who could not recall the glory that is fall?
That prettiest time of year that is with us ‘til November. 

Then all the colors go, to be followed by the snow.
We put away the bicycles and contend with the icicles.
As we shovel, slip and slide, we know that, too, will go.

Winter's end will bring the month of April and our spring.
And each new bud in bloom will chase away our gloom, 
For we will know once again, warm days are in the offing!

An original poem by Eva Gallant



River said...

Very nicely said.
I love fall, which is autumn out here, but I dn't think I could handle your winter.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. nice little verse there today...we are in the pressure cooker of a season now, hot and muggy...i love autumn, cant wait til she gets here...

Gaston Studio said...

I drip in the summer, especially here in NC where it's also humid and muggy most days. I long for fall when I can truly enjoy being outdoors.

glnroz said...

i hate winter , but this year, the Texas heat is just about to roast my,,, well everything...

Pat said...

I'm still waiting to get paid for posing for that first photo! Ha ha!

Cute poem!

It's hotter than Hell in the Midwest this week!

Al Penwasser said...

What about "Mud" and "Black Fly" seasons?
One of the things I love about Maine: you don't really need an air conditioner, especially at night when it gets, if not cool, then pleasant. I know you may not believe me, but I lived in Florida. Give me some "Vacationland" in the "summah" anytime.

She Writes said...

I want to see Maine in its September glory.

Jen said...

Oh, ssssooooo true!Nice job, Eva.

Helene said...

What an adorable poem!! All of that still makes me want to move to New England!!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

what a great poem you have written and on goes the circle of life.

Muffy's Marks said...

Enjoy the weather!! It's gonna get hotter, 'cause we're sending you a whole bunch of heat and humidity.

tsonodablog said...

Loved the poem!
It was 106 here today....and that's considered mild for the middle of July. It'll be ok with me if we don't hit the 110s and higher.

Reeni said...

Great poem Eva! Fall can come none too soon. The only thing I like about summer is all the fresh produce!

Eva Gallant said...

Glenn: I hope you're putting lots of sun screen on your "everything!"

SheWrites: I'll try to post some photos when it gets here!

Jen: thanks, sis!

Terri: I'll admit it hasn't hit 100 here, but it's very, very humid!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Awww, I loved this! I've always wanted to see Maine. Actually, I've kind-of always wanted to live in a place like Maine. :)