Monday, August 1, 2011

Oldies But Goodies1

Over the weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to get together with several of  my high school classmates.  This is no small's been 48 years since we graduated from high school.  We used to get together every 5 years, but we were losing our peers to the great high school in the sky, so last year we decide not to wait 5 years, and we had a bbq  at a member's home.  

That turned out to be so much fun, we decided to do a repeat this summer!  Saturday was the day.  We didn't have a large turnout, but those who decided to come had a fun time!

We caught each other up on what had been happening in the past year.

We are grayer, some have a little less hair 48 years later, and some of us are carrying a few more pounds than we did then.  Funny though, time is a great equalizer.

There are no longer any barriers between us.  Some among us have married and divorced, maybe more than once; some of us have raised kids and have grandkids; some have been financially successful, some have struggled to survive; some have lost loved ones.  Because we've all fought our person battles, we now accept each other as we are, with genuine warmth and affection.

(That's our gracious hostess in the apron!)  As a group, we shared a common experience all those years ago.  

Our lives may have taken us in different directions, but we gather together much like a family, sharing hugs and kisses, memories, and concerns.

We sought reprieve from the heat of the sun in our host's huge garage, with the overhead doors open on both ends.  As a pleasant breeze kept us comfortable, we sipped green tea, beer, wine, soda, or water.  (When you've reached retirement age, getting smashed has lost it's appeal years ago!)

Food, however, is still a priority.   The planning committee put together the menu,  which consisted of potato salad, fruit salad, coleslaw, bbq chicken, hamburgers, and kilbasa.  The lead in to that was an array of appetizers like homemade onion and cheese dip (to die for), salsa, chips, crackers, and cheese!

Our wonderful host did some grilling, along with help from his committee.  Then we chowed down!  

I helped myself to a burger, potato salad and fruit salad!  Yummers!

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the graduating class of Winslow High School in 1963!  The bond I feel with these people is genuine and strong.  It was such a treat to spend last Saturday reminiscing, laughing, and relaxing with some of the best people I've ever known.

I extend a warm and grateful thank you to our host and hostess, the planning committee, and those who showed up for making Saturday such a special day.  Kudos to all!

But an extra special hug and thank you goes to my good friend Jerry, 

who remembered and arranged for me to have a special rendezvous with the love of my life!  



Kristina P. said...

I think this is great! I love that you maintain these connections.

Grams said...

I'm so happy to read about your reunion. I have organized a reunion for my 1970's church youth group. The church we were part of is no longer in existence, but we're meeting at another church next Saturday afternoon. I can't wait. We're expecting about 35 people. Not as many as we had hoped, but a decent turnout. It should be fun.

Pat said...

Friends are great, but OLD friends are the best!

Brian Miller said...

nice looks like a lot of fun eva...great to get all the friends back together and celebrate the memories while making new ones

River said...

It must be nice to keep in touch with friends for so many years.
Over here, class reunions aren't so common, although the idea seems to be catching on. Way back in high school though I was so shy I didn't make friends and now barely remember any of the kids from my class.

Jen said...

Good one Eva....nice to keep in touch with old friends.You know Mom always said "friends are like gold,too precious to be tossed and forgotten"

EmptyNester said...

What a wonderful day! It looks like everyone had a marvelous time!

I don't do high school reunions but I sure do enjoy getting together with college buds- but your food looks better than ours does! LOL

How's Mr Eva progressing?

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

What a great event! Always nice to reconnect with old friends.

Class of '63, eh? Two years before I was born.

Sorry, had to say that.

Ann On and On... said...

What a great experience! Friendship is so important... I'm so happy for you.

She Writes said...

I am amazed you still see one another. I have no interest, but perhaps I miss something rich in that It sounds as if you have gained something precious from gathering still.

The Frisky Virgin said...

How wonderful! I love when you said time is a great equalizer. So true.

The Frisky Virgin said...

How wonderful! I love when you said time is a great equalizer. So true.

Eva Gallant said...

Jen: Mom was right. Those old friends are so precious!

SheWrites: It's funny, some people that I hardly knew in high school I feel very fond of and close to now.

Frisky: Time IS a great equalizer...thank goodness!

Bodacious Boomer said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I went to my first reunion (our 40th) a year or so ago.

It was great' but when I opened the door I turned to my husband and said "This can't be right. This is all old people." Then I walked on in and there were my old friends and I fit right in.

tsonodablog said...

Love all the pictures, Eva. Looks like fun and frolic was had by all. Glad you enjoyed!

glnroz said...

this was just the right medicine for me to read this morning. Our "old" group gets together from time to time and the line that you wrote which rings sooo true with us.''The barriers are gone...."(or something like that.. lol we can just be ourselves for who everyone is...

Eva Gallant said...

Terri: It was a really good time.

Eva Gallant said...

Glenn: You are right. There's no pretense; we can all be ourselves!