Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fiction: Love at First Sight

She had never done this before.  Oh, she’d thought about it, even dreamed about it, but never really expected it would happen so soon.  “Mother would not approve of this,” she thought.
Of course, Mother needn’t know—at least right away.   That was part of the reason Carolyn had spent so much time finding an apartment close enough to her mother’s that visiting her wouldn’t be a major hassle, yet far enough away that her mother wouldn’t drop by unannounced.

His gorgeous brown eyes had grabbed her attention immediately when she entered the room, and immediately she knew he would be her first.  She pretended not to notice him, and made a concerted effort to appear uninterested, lavishing her attention on others, yet all the while keeping him within her peripheral vision.

Finally, he’d been introduced  to her as Trevor.  For some reason, the name tickled her tongue.  There had never been a Trevor in her life.  He was so handsome, Carolyn felt a little intimidated.   It was almost hard to believe this gorgeous specimen was actually unattached.  His broad shoulders and strong back just seemed to be begging for her tender touch.  After they had exchanged a few lingering glances, she took a seat on the worn leather sofa.  Trevor followed suit, sitting as close to her as was physically possible without sitting in her lap!

She giggled at his brashness; it was as if he knew she was smitten.  With an extreme display of confidence, he kissed her.  Any resistance she might have had melted away with that kiss! 

“Come on, Trevor, let’s get out of here,” she whispered.  Mother’s approval be dammed, she knew she had to take him home with her, now! 

Without any further hesitation, she opened her purse, gave the attendant her debit card, paid the shelter adoption fee, and with his leash in hand, led the beautiful Rottweiler to her car.  On the drive home, Trevor happily rested his head on her lap, and Carolyn knew she had made the right choice for  her first house pet!


This has been the first in a new Meme I'm starting which I will call "Friday Fiction."  I thought I would try this because I got such positive responses to my guest post earlier in the week at Untypically Jia.  Every Friday I will post a piece of fiction for your enjoyment (I hope you'll find it enjoyable!)


PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I LOVE THIS! My heart melted! Trevor will be the most non-judgmental, loving creature in her life.

I'm so excited for your new meme, Eva. You have such a way with words.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOVE this! I love the twist!

River said...

Right away I knew you were writing about a dog, but I thought a puppy, not a full grown dog.
Trevor is an odd name for a dog though. To me anyway.

Jen said...

Hey, this was/is great Eva, just like I knew it would be....from the day you first gave that "quirky" speech, I knew you had a gift.

Al Penwasser said...

Fantastic! You really surprised me at the end. I kinda like the name "Trevor."
As far as odd names for a dog, my Icelandic Sheepdog's name is "Taeson", which is Icelandic for "Son of Tae."
Go figure. It's like those Icelanders have a different word for EVERYthing!

David Allen Waters said...

I love this, ,mised your stories...cant wait for more ;)

tsonodablog said...

Ohhhhhh! You totally HAD me. Loved LOVED this story. You got some mad fiction skills, my friend!

ipenka said...

Definitely got me on this one. Enjoyed it very much.

I was thinking "'Shelter Adoption Fee'? Must be a new drink, wonder what goes in it."

Sue said...

This was really fun, Eva!


Eva Gallant said...

BlondeDuck: Glad it was a hit with you!

Jen: You aren't biased or anything are you, Sis?

Terri: Thanks so much, and thanks for the Tweet!

ipenka: That's a new drink to me, too! lol

Jeanne said...

You, my dear, are a wonderful storyteller!

Morgan said...

There's nothing quite like a sweet dog to love you unconditionally ... thanks for the sweet story!

Thanks for stopping by Snapshots, too!

Unknown Mami said...

I think this is a great idea. I look forward to reading more of your fiction pieces. You had me going with this one and I like the direction you took me.

Lazarus said...

This was pretty cool Eva, thanks! Just wanted to let you know that you'll be getting a shout out later tonight at The LG Report, am working on the post now. This is the first comment that I've left for anyone in about a week, I hope you feel honored! Thanks again, u rock!

moderndomesitcation said...

Hey there, I love running into you all over Blogland. We must read the a few of the same blogs.
Ha ha.
Anyway I'm slowly letting folks know that I've moved my blog.
U can find me over at
All the best!

The Frisky Virgin said...

*Squeal* Awwww, that was so darn cute and I totally never saw that coming! Please keep writing Fiction Friday! I love these works of yours!

Eva Gallant said...

Frisky: So glad I surprised you; and thanks for the encouragement.

Pat said...

You really got me on this one! Ha ha! I actually went back and read it all over again! This was great! I'll be looking forward to this meme! You are a great writer!