Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Got Picked in the 2011 Draft

Let  me begin by saying, I  was not a soccer fan.  I love basketball, I follow the Red Sox, and have, on rare occasion, watched a football game or two.  But soccer was never been a favorite.

I have son who has been a volunteer soccer coach in his town's recreation program for three or four years.  During that time, his older son has been playing soccer.  Now the younger one (who won't be 5 until December!) is playing soccer.

Need I say I am now becoming a soccer fan?  I also have a granddaughter who at 7 years of age is now in her second year of playing soccer.  (She's in the blue shirt and jeans.)  What choice do I have?

Austin, my 9 year-old grandson, plays soccer with an intensity you would only expect to see in a boy twice his age.

He designed his own cleats!

His grit and determination are admirable!  And what a kick!

His focus is unrelenting; the pursuit of players older or larger than he does not in any way intimidate him!  He has amazing speed, the ability to pass to his teammates, and an understanding of the game seemingly beyond his years.   And every minute that he is on that field, he is playing his hardest.  (an ethic he either inherited or learned from his Dad, the coach.)
Although he sometimes works 50 or 60 hour weeks, Austin's Dad still makes time to coach his team.  

I always get a thank you hug for coming to the games!

And now, as I mentioned, the 4-year-old has started playing.  What chance to I have?  I've been drafted as a soccer fan!   There's just no escaping it!

(A special thank you goes to Austin and Carter's mother Kristen and the boys' Grammy Gayle for taking and sharing these photos with me, so that I could, in turn, share them with all of you.)

I'm not proud much, you understand; not much at all.



bichonpawz said...

That is just wonderful! Is his last name Beckham by chance?? Wow...he even designed his own cleats!

Brian Miller said... both of them...that is an awesome commitment as a dad and by an obviously talented young man

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

What a great opportunity for father and son(s) to spend time together while one shares his gift and the other pursues his talent.

Gail said...

What better reason...reasons, to become a soccer fan?

River said...

That fourth photo with Austin doing that kick, he looks like a good candidate for Riverdance.
He certainly has the makings of a good player!
You have absolutely no choice but to be a fan and go to as many games as you can!

Al Penwasser said...

How great for all of you!
Growing up in the 70s in New England, soccer was never a huge thing. Even though I was on my high school's first soccer team, football and baseball were still the neighborhood favorites (i.e., my friends and I never played soccer in the street in front of our house).
My son and daughter started playing the game when they were younger than five. He played until he was 17 and she is still playing. It's a great game to watch.
Like your son, I've also volunteered to coach (and even was paid-paid!-to coach three middle school teams). I've lost track of how many teams I coached. But, watching my kids play was/is fantastic.
It's great you're getting into it.
You'll have a lot of free time now that the Red Sox have been denied the playoffs again (it was a long comment, but you hadda know I hadda say SOMEthing!).
Great post.

SherilinR said...

that's great, eva! a dedicated little jock already.

tsonodablog said...

Firstly, LOVE the picture of you and Austin! Beautiful!
I got hooked on soccer when my oldest was 5. My husband and I were both in the Air Force and "asked" to coach children's soccer, so we did. It was so much fun! Now my grandson plays and he's not as avid as his Dad was, but delightful to watch nonetheless!

David Allen Waters said...

Bravo to them all, determination is awesome:)

you go kids!

Jen said...

One can tell he[they both] love the game..and kudos to Dad.....coaching can be a challenge.
Wonderful memories he is making.

Kristina P. said...

I played soccer at that age. I do like soccer. And it's pretty fun to watch the kids in a giant group, follow the ball again.

Sue said...

Same thing happened to me with my kids AND grandkids.

However, basketball has still remained everyone's favorite...


ipenka said...

Having family there to support is such a strength when playing sports.

I wonder if one day we'll read in the news about a grandma who was ejected for arguing with the referee!

Eva Gallant said...

Terri: Thank you! I'm beginning to enjoy the sport more as time goes on.

Jen: Yeah, they are both sports junkies!

ipenka: This grandma doesn't know the sport well enough to argue with the ref--yet! lol

hocam said...

God, this post scares me. I've managed to avoid standing beside cold wet pitches with various boyfriends and then the Hubbie, though I did my stint beside pools with the youngest daughter. At least that was hot. Gotta hope the grandkids, if and when they arrive, will not be into sport. Can't think of any excuse to keep me away.

Eddie Bluelights said...

It always helps when family actually plays the sport . . . . then we just can't help but be interested in it. I bet you are very proud of him, quite rightly.

But don't forget to tell him to wear the right coloured underpants LOL. If your readers wonder what I am rabbiting on about see my latest post LOL

Cheers Eva

rosaria said...

Enjoy all your grands on the soccer fields. And congratulations to their dad for all that wonderful commitment and dedication.

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Go, Grandma, go!

The Frisky Virgin said...

You are too cute! Such a wonderful family! Cool cleats too!!!

Soccer is one of those things that you just get into once you start watching a match.

Eva Gallant said...

hocam: It really is tough to stay away.

rosaria: Thanks, and yes he's quite dedicated.

Frisky: Thanks. I am enjoying at more as I attend more games.

injaynesworld said...

You have every right to feel proud. That's a might handsome brood you've produced and it would seem they've been taught some good life lessons, as well.

Eva Gallant said...

Jayne: Thanks so much! I feel blessed, for sure.

Michele said...

Soccer is a GREAT sport for kids. It is very interactive. They are always moving. Football - dangerous, Baseball - alot of standing around waiting for the ball to go in play, Hockey - dangerous. Plus it is all year round. Soccer is wonderful. Teaches Hand/Eye coordination, teamwork, skill. Keep up the good work!