Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ideas For Your Gift List

With Black Friday looming on the horizon, many of you will be planning your shopping list for Holiday Gifts, whether you're buying for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah,  I have some ideas you may find helpful:

1.  Every body has someone on their list who already has everything.  This could pose a dilemma, but no more.  How about giving them one square inch of land in all 50 states?  It's possible starting at $3.95 for one square inch in one state, up to   $19.95 for land in all 50 states.  Imagine...being able to give them their own little "estate" in Hawaii!  Click here for more information.

2.   Is there an ice hockey fan or an ice skater on your list?  For just $19.95 you can present them with their own Zamboni Desk Vacuum!   This little gadget will zip around their desk or workbench sucking up all those little bits of lint, dust, or sawdust.  Plus it will leave them thinking they are in the front row at the ice rink!
For more information click here.

3.  For the person who loves to go all out with Christmas decorations, how about some Santa Claus toilet paper.  For a mere $3.95, what a festive way to bring cheer to someone who might otherwise have a crappy Christmas!  For more information, click here.

4.  For the perv on your list, the Jingle Bells Bobble Babe Can Cooler is just the ticket!  For just $7.95, this hot babe will keep his drink cold, plus he can watch her jingle right through to the New Year!

5.  The perfect choice for the child on your list?  The Pooping Reindeer Candy Dispenser!   This is guaranteed to make that pre-teen boy giggle hysterically...especially if you fill it with chocolate covered raisins or Milk Duds.
Or maybe a Pooping Polar Bear would be your choice?  Just $5.49 will purchase either.  For more information, click here.

6.  For the man who likes to make a fashion statement....the Undercap:  Underpants for your head!  Whether the goal to to keep the sun off his noggin or to keep the cold of his roof, what guy wouldn't love a pair of tighty-whiteys for his head.  There are a fashion bargain at $7.95!  For more information, click here.

7.  For the person in your life who loves jigsaw puzzles, this Puzzle Clock at $50 is sure to bring a smile to his/her face!   The pieces can be rearranged, too; how's that for uniqueness?  For more information, click here.

8.  For that couple who goes everywhere together?  The Umbrella that's built for two!  At $50, you can kill two birds with one stone--I mean cross two gift recipients off your list at once!  For more information, click here.

9.  For the wine lover on your list, here's the perfect option.   It's called the Corksicle.  The recipient places the Corksicle in the freezer for a couple of hours and the gel inside the "icicle" freezes.  Insert the cork into a bottle of wine after the first glass has been poured, and your are guaranteed the bottle will stay chilled !
Make the wine lover or wino on your list happy for $22.95.   For more information, click here.

10.  And last, but not least, if you insist on buying that man a tie, make it one which is truly unique and manly.  The video tells it all!  And the price for that is $33.99!

I hope you found my suggestions helpful.  They are all real products available online by clicking on the links provided.  Plus, you may find more ideas available at those websites!   You're welcome.



Kristina P. said...

I think my husband is getting that boob cup.

Terri Sonoda said...

Ooooh I'm liking the Zamboni and the Corksicle. Can't afford them, but I'm liking them. LOL

The Broad said...

Something may be the matter with me ... I can think of someone for each of those suggestions :-)

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

These are hilarious! The zamboni was especially, uh, unique!

Brian Miller said...

ha. one square inch hmm...wonder if you can get a permit to build on it? that wooden neck tie is really kinda cool...there is just something so wrong about wiping on santa...wonder if you can send in a picture of your boss or...

SherilinR said...

i like it that the video called the tie "neck lumber." now i want to find a way to use that phrase!

Kelley said...

You really came up with some good stuff! I love the zamboni desk vaccum, although there are no hockey lovers here in Texas hardly. Still, that is so cool! The wooden tie is cute, too!

Joanne said...

Is this the redneck Christmas shopping list? I like the underpants for your head. That is priceless!

Jennifer said...

Love these gift ideas! Hilarious!

Sue said...

Some great stuff here. I really think I will get the pooping reindeer. My grandkids are smack dab in the middle of that bathroom humor stage!


Al Penwasser said...

"Give your outdoorsy side a touch of class"?????
Yep, that and plastic flamingos on the front lawn of your trailer screams hifalutin' member of society.
I think I would like one of those zambonis though.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I have to say, I really would kind of like that umbrella.

Eva Gallant said...

Joanne: I think you'd look lovely wearing those!

terri: the corksickle just sounds like a great idea!

The Frisky Virgin said...

The Babe Can Cooler is hilarious! LOL Guys would totally love that.

These are all really good suggestions! Love the pooping reindeer candy dispenser! lol

Eva Gallant said...

Frisky: I thought there were some fun choices!