Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sundays in My Neck of the Woods

We're still eating turkey, so I decided to rerun a post from August of 2010 on the chance that it will be new to some of you.  Hopefully, if it's not new to you, you won't mind seeing it again.  This place is one of my absolute favorite places to eat!

In Skowhegan, Maine there's a family restaurant that serves some of the best food in the staIte!  It's called Ken's and is owned by Randy Dionne and his wife Monique.  Ken's Family Restaurant was originally started by his dad, but the legacy is safe in the hands of Randy and Monique.  The picture below show's Randy and Monique in the center with their sons Darren and Nathan on each side.  It's not a new photo; the boys are now college age.

Randy does much of the cooking and supervises the kitchen, while Monique manages the wait staff, serves as hostess when she can, and performs many other tasks that help make the place a success.  Besides her work in the family business, Monique is an avid biker and has for many years taken part in the Trek Across Maine, a 3-day, 175-mile across Maine and has raised thousands of dollars for the American Lung Association of Maine.

Getting back to the Restaurant, home cooking is their specialty, and they do it up right!  The menu is varied.  You can browse the burgers, sample the seafood, chow down on the chicken, or drool over the desserts.  There's something there for everyone and it's all good!

On our last visit I had the boneless fried chicken, which is one of their specialties.  It comes with coleslaw and fries, but I elected to substitute salad for fries.  Unfortunately, I started to munch on the salad before I remembered to photograph it

It was really a nice salad before I domolished it!  Sorry about that.

Scrumptious boneless fried chicken, coleslaw, and cranberry sauce.

My brother decided to try their double cheeseburger.  It comes with two patties covered with melted cheese side by side on a sub roll,  with your choice of fries or onion rings.  He opted for the onion rings, as you can see, an excellent choice.

 The amazing thing is their fried foods are not the least bit greasy!  They are crisp and tasty without a hint of fat.  Monique says the secret is they use fresh oil everyday.  (whoops, I hope I wasn't supposed to keep that to myself!)

Hubby went for the broiled haddock, topped with a little butter and breadcrumbs, accompanied by REAL mashed potatoes and turnip.  (I apologize that the small loaves of dark bread served with all meals were gobbled up before I could catch a photo!)

 I have to eat at Ken's whenever I am in Skowhegan.  The visit previous to this, I wanted to keep lunch light, as we had eaten a big breakfast.  I ordered the chicken salad plate and was not disappointed.  They also have a delicious fancy fried chicken, which we have taken home with us more than once.

Every year, Ken's has a booth at the Skowhegan State Fair.  Those onion rings, boneless fried chicken, and fried clams are popular with the fair goers!  If you ever make it to Skowhegan, you absolutely have to stop at Ken's.  It's heaven for your tummy!



Terri Sonoda said...

Oh onion rings sound heavenly right now. I'm tired of turkey. I could eat some onions rings for sure. yummmmm.

In other news, I put you in for a Blog Award. You.Are.Welcome.


Claudia said...

smiles..wasn't here in ages..but we're just about to eat lunch and thought i can risk you're still eating turkey..? happy belated thanksgiving eva...we're having chinese food on the menue for today..

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

My husband would love that haddock! He's a Vermonter and all of these places you guys go on Sundays? He'd be happy as a clam to go with you!

Deb said...

Haddock looks great! I never seem to venture away from the coastline of Maine and I'm now thinking I should change that habit. Skowhegan's a bit of a hike from the midcoast, but hey, it's almost winter, eating is an athletic event here in Maine, so I think I'll start training to be a food athlete! Bring on the stretch pants!

Brian Miller said...

ha. understand the feeling on turkey...ready for something different today...cheeseburger and onion rings would be right up my alley....

David Allen Waters said...

If I eat any more turkey I may grow feathers and gobble :( This place looks/sounds wonderful :)

rosaria said...

Yeah, anything besides turkey right now. I strip my bird, make stock with the bones, and then freeze everything in separate, meal-sized containers and resurrect them in a couple of weeks, or when we get home too late for a full meal.

Unknown Mami said...

I can't look at pictures of onion rings withoug wanting some.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Eva, The worst part about spending Thanksgiving out of town with family is that when you come home you don't have any leftovers! I'm missing that part a lot and seriously thinking about making my own turkey dinner again.

Hope you had a great weekend, xo jj

Lazarus said...

Eva, I don't like checking your blog on Sundays because it always makes me hungry but I always forget about the reviews until it's too late and I've logged in and started reading! Another good one, tasty pictures and words!