Monday, November 7, 2011

Time for a Give Away!

I have been asked by the folks at to review their See It Bigger Planner on my blog and host a give away.

I recieved my complimentary copy the other day, and I must say, I am impressed.  The book is 9" by 11" and is quite a handy item.  It includes tabbed monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and yearly reference calendars.   

 You can see a month at a glance, to get the over-all picture of how your month's schedule looks.  Each day of the month as a 2 inch square for notations.

The view of the full month is followed by each week on two pages with 3" by 7" boxes for recording appointments and "to do lists" for each week day, and two smaller boxes for Saturday and Sunday.  

This is so much better than the Day Planners the company for which I used to work provided.  Seems like I was always trying to cram information into spaces just not large enough to accommodate everything! 

Although it was sent to me because I write a blog that attracts seniors, this planner could be a godsend for any busy person, just because of the added space provided compared to the average day minder.

Also, toward the back of the spiraled book are pages for extra notes, room for listing names, addresses, phone numbers. fax numbers, and email addresses of a couple dozen contacts.  Then, at the very back, there's a page for recording important websites, log ins and passwords.

There's a list of dates of holidays for 2012 and 2013, plus a reminder of when to switch from and to daylight savings time.

I am frequently solicited to review products and do giveaways on my blog, but I seldom agree to participate.  The product has to be something I think my readers would be interested in receiving, as well as something I would find useful.  Most often I respond, "Thanks, but no thanks," but I'm really excited about this planner, and I'm happy that one of my readers will receive one, as well.  What a great gift for a friend or busy family member, too.

A winner will be selected on Monday,  11/14 and announced the following day on my blog.  To participate in the drawing, just comment on this post, telling me why you need a planner; that's it.  No strings attached, no hoops through which to jump; no need to sign on as a follower. (But feel free to do so, if you enjoy my posts!)

If you cannot wait to see if you will win and absolutely have to have this planner, it's available at the following retail stores:  Walmart, Target, CVS. Office Max, Office Depot, Walgreen's, Meijers, Fred Meyer, Longs, Albertsons,  H. E. Butt, Costco, Duane Reed, and Kerr Drug.

Take a chance on winning!  Leave a comment!


River said...

I'm commenting to say that it looks like a fabulous planner, but don't enter me in the competition, because I just don't need one.
I have my little day-planner and it suits me just fine because my schedule really isn't all that busy.
Also the daylight saving dates would be wrong for me, seeing as how I'm down under.

Brian Miller said...

oo oo oo i always get a new planner around the holidays so i will love to be in the drawing....

The Blonde Duck said...

I need a planner. I survive on post it notes!

tsonodablog said...

Hi Eva;
I would love a new planner! And why? Because I am so connected with all this computer stuff, it is nice to have a planner to write things down in....instead of trying to figure out how to use it. No "programs", bell and whistles or viruses!
I always use a planner and that one looks nice!

Kristy said...

I love that you are an easy-type when it comes to giveaways! I love organization. I like it a lot. Planners, particularly a pink one, get me excited.

ipenka said...

I was just about to buy a 2012 planner(the small one where everything is crammed in) the other day.

Something told me to hold back. Now I know the universe was telling me to wait for you.

Sue said...

I need a planner because my memory is biting the dust.


Al Penwasser said...

This looks so cool. I could definitely use one because I'm a very busy man. How else would I know when it was time to chase squirrels, yell at the damn neighbor kids, get my eyebrow hair raked, color my varicose veins, go to the bathroom, dance with wolves, hoot with owls, soar with eagles, howl with dogs, finally get that lifetime membership at the zoo, rearrange my sock drawer by color and function, use white-out on my underwear (I know...ewww, but life just ain't pretty sometime. Think I'm wrong? Look at Prince Charles), finish my enemies list, finally get some Kwanzaa shopping done, order pizza from that Chinese place, send "Thank You" cards for my wedding gifts (if they're still alive), take a Zumba class, write a fan letter to Carrot Top, set all the egg timers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to go off at 5:00, use a Swiffer, take TWO One-A-Days-watch what happens, record "Terra Nova" (while it lasts), visit the Information desk at the mall and ask what the capital of Sri Lanka is, send off a check to that nice Nigerian prince, visit the buffet line at Peking Wok-see if the "Sneeze Guard" REALLY works, color my hypertension pills to make them look like M&ms-because that would make me happy, leave the seat up, and iron my pajamas for bed. So, you see, a planner would be a boon. I hope I get one. A planner. Not a boon. Although a boon would be great. With salsa.
Okay, time for my pill.
I think.
SEE how much I need a planner?
Even a pink one?

Deb said...

If I could remember why the hell I need a planner I wouldn't need a planner.

Count me in, please!

Jen said...

Nice one. Perfect to help someone with a busy schedule...Good luck all!

Eva Gallant said...

Terri: You're in!

Deb: You are in, also!

Jen: You, too!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Nice giveaway, Eva. Thank you.
I couldn't live without a planning calendar. I refuse to add my calendar to my cell phone or laptop, I need the gold old fashioned paper calendar to be able to see everything at once. This one looks perfect.
Thanks again, xo jj

diego said...

I didn't realise these planners were available. I am just now needing a new planner. They look awesome and would make great gifts.

bichonpawz said...

Great planner! It is a good gift idea! I have been trying very hard to move everything over to my ipad...a little at a time. Congratulations to the winner!!