Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Word Wednesday #49

Every time I comment on a website where I have to type a word verification to get my comment posted, I can't help but think,  "What a waste!  What could possibly be a very helpful word is now going to disappear and never be seen again."

With all the attention being paid to "going green" in this country, I think it's time for bloggers to go green and recycle the letter combos used in word verification. (I personally did away with the process to eliminate the waste of words, but some people just aren't as conservation minded!)

I decided several weeks ago to start a meme called "New Word Wednesday", thus creating a dictionary of new words based on the letter combos that pop up in the word verification process. You may feel free to do the same, or to grab my words and use them. (You know, if you use a new word three times, it's in your vocabulary forever; at least that's what I've heard)

Just think, we can learn new words and go green just by recycling/reusing the words that show up at comment time.

Here are this week's words:

eyeballi:  (adjective) extremely visually focused on a subject, usually of a purient nature; as in, "George was all eyeballi when his neighbor decided to mow her lawn in her string bikini."

hiplins:  (noun) the little--or large--excess flesh which bulges out below the panty line; as in, "Myrtle found it necessary to buy jeans in a larger size to camouflage her hiplins."

recifire:  (noun) a personal problem which requires the use of Preparation H Wipes; as in "Hubert found that eating jalapeno peppers left him suffering from recifire."

unkin:  (verb) to disown  or disinherit a relative; as in, "Grandma decided to unkin Emma because she married outside of her the church."

xegotird:  (noun) term used to describe a former spouse who has in inflated opinion of himself; as in, "Alice always invited her xegotird to family functions for the sake of their children."

REMEMBER:  Use a word three times in a sentence and it's in your vocabulary forever."




River said...

Eyeballi is a good one.

Brian Miller said...

haha xegotird is my fav...but hiplins i think could def catch on...

Elizabeth said...

I love this! The best word verification combo I was ages ago but it was practically obscene. I can't remember it exactly but it made me smile all day.

visiting from SITS

Amanda said...

I have to make specific wardrobe choices sometimes because of my hiplins!

Visiting from SITS.

Kristy said...

George was all eyeballi when his neighbor decided to mow her lawn in her string bikini


Sue said...

Hiplins wins for me, hands down.

With unkin a close second.

Xegotird is good, too.


rosaria said...

I stopped at hiplins and couldn't keep reading!!!!

^.^ said...

OMG! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website ... made me smile ... thank you ... I will follow you ... you are a gem! Love, cat.

Terri Sonoda said...

I love these, especially the eyeballi. LMAO

Jenn and Casey said...

Awesome words. Spelling/vocabulary was always my favorite in school :)

Nancy Thompson said...

Love the recifire one! And the hiplins. I think I have a couple of those.

Kelley said...

I need to stock up on some recifire for the future.

Emily said...

What a fun post! I've never thought about getting rid of the word verification as "going green." Very clever!

Eva Gallant said...

Elizabeth: Glad you liked it...come back next week for more.

Amanda: I hear ya'!

Terri: that's what I like to read!

Emily: thank you; hope you come back for more.