Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Word Wednesday #50

(Sorry!  I jumped the gun and hit publish a couple of hours early!!!  This is really my Wednesday post!)

Every time I comment on a website where I have to type a word verification to get my comment posted, I can't help but think,  "What a waste!  What could possibly be a very helpful word is now going to disappear and never be seen again."

With all the attention being paid to "going green" in this country, I think it's time for bloggers to go green and recycle the letter combos used in word verification. (I personally did away with the process to eliminate the waste of words, but some people just aren't as conservation minded!)

I decided several weeks ago to start a meme called "New Word Wednesday", thus creating a dictionary of new words based on the letter combos that pop up in the word verification process. You may feel free to do the same, or to grab my words and use them. (You know, if you use a new word three times, it's in your vocabulary forever; at least that's what I've heard)

Just think, we can learn new words and go green just by recycling/reusing the words that show up at comment time.

Here are this week's words:

adraver:  (noun) the person in an advertising agency whose job it is to select the best ads; as in, "Helene was the agency's designated adraver because she had an uncanny ability to pick winning print or video product pitches."

henstups:  (noun) slang term for chicken droppings; as in, "Carolyn had to be careful when gathering eggs in the hen house not to stip in the henstups."

panized:  (adjective)  describes results when a cookie recipe is baked in a solid square as opposed to being dropped by spoonfuls on a cookie sheet; as in "Ann was in a rush, so she  baked the panized cookie batter and served the end results cut into squares like brownies."

phygerko:  (noun) a physician lacking in bedside manners; as in, "Marge began looking for a new doctor when it became obvious that Dr. Lang was a phygerko.:

tridex:  (adjective) having  the capability of performing all tasks with the right hand, left hand, or left foot;  as in, "Rodney was tridex, in that he could text with his left foot while driving his car and keeping both hands on the steering wheel."

Remember:  Use a word 3 times in a sentence and it's in your vocabulary forever!



Brian Miller said...

ha i think you have a winner in phygerko...and i need to meet a tridex...

Argent said...

Henstups - my favorite today.

Moooooog35 said...

I don't perform EVERYTHING with my right hand.

In the car, sure. But not always.

Terri Sonoda said...

Phygerko and tridex....good ones! LOL

Kitty Moore said...

It's going to be interesting trying to drop those beauties into everyday conversation!

Sue said...

These are all so funny I couldn't even pick a favorite today!


Eva Gallant said...

Argent: not a bad choice.

Terri: tridex is my favorite.

Kitty: Good luck with that!

River said...

I like panized! I reckon I could use that the next time my cookies spread too much and fill the tray. Oh no! My cookies have panized!

Greg Scott's Compendium of The Weird and wonderful said...

Phygerko doctors are the pits. We have many of them here in Australia. You go with some really ordinary complaint and they tell you you've got three months to live. A friend of mine was once told he was dead! I actually wrote a post about these guys