Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Word Wednesday #53

We’ve all encountered them—those pesky word verifications intended to keep spammers off websites.   After three years of blogging and encountering these barriers on a daily basis, it occurred to me that great new word possibilities were being wasted.  Why, every day I would type strange letter combinations, hit “enter,” and the letters would disappear, never to be seen again!

I decided that it was time to document these strange letter combinations and assign a definition to them, thereby creating some wonderful new words for our vocabularies.  Following are  5 of these new creations for your enjoyment; feel free to assimilate your favorites into your everyday conversation.  Your friends and co-workers will be envious!

Today's words:

grapp:  (noun)  a music form involving spoken poetry performed by grandmas' as in , "To everyone's surprise, Amanda's mother learned grapp while vacationing in Cyprus with her grandson."

packa:  (noun)  a type of winter jacket worn by Mainers; as in, "Mr. Eva wouldn't think of stepping outside in the winter without his ski packa."

parsini:  (noun) a hybrid vegetable developed by crossing parsley with zucchini; as in, "The hit of our holiday meal was Reeni's Parsini Casserole."

rescooni:  (noun)  a racoon trained to rescue baby birds when they fall out of their nests; as in, "During the spring, Rodney's pet rescooni was kept busy by clumsy baby birds in his back yard."

turgath:  (noun)  flatulence emitted by a turtle with a lisp; as in, "The real reason the tortoise beat the hare in that legendary race is the hare was overcome by turgath."

Remember, use a word in a sentence 3 times and it's in your vocabulary forever!

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Brian Miller said...

ha...i know some pretty good grappers...not sure how well i would like the taste of parsini, just saying...smiles.

River said...

An odd thing has just happened. My security system has bl;ocked my entry to your site twice, saying vthis is a fraudulent website and I should not come here.

At the second warning, I went to the very small print at the bottom of the page that says "continue to site anyway" and came here.
I hope this doesn't happen again, I can't understand why it did.

rosaria said...

That new vegetable, parsini, will be the rage at the next Hollywood premiere!

Al Penwasser said...

Thtupid tortith thould have laid off thosthe beanth!

Pearl said...

The parsini sounds delicious. :-)


Sue said...

Okay, turgath wins this one for me, for sure!


The Frisky Virgin said...

packa and turgath--brilliant!

Abby said...

I love those! This isn't a captcha word thing, but I've been trying to implement "spatulate" into the mainstream vocabulary. We all use a spatula, so why not spatulate? Let's see if we can get that trending...

Eva Gallant said...

Frisky: Thanks!

Abby: Spatulate sounds like a good one to me!!

Pat said...

rescooni? Ha ha! Love it!

JAMIE said...

Oh, I love this. I love learning about new words, even better when I read something and it's right in front of me with the definition =)