Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fiction: Welcome to Singles Night, Chapter 9

 (A word of caution: this fiction series may occasionally stray from a PG-13 rating to an R rating. Proceed at your own risk!)

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   Ginger was working on her third beer when a fellow who introduced himself as “Carl” asked her to dance.  She took his hand and followed him onto the dance floor.  They began to “cut a rug,” so to speak, to the beat of Patty and the Sidewinders rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Rock and Roll Music.”  Liz and Sandy were enjoying themselves, and would chime in with “if you want to dance with me” each time that part of the lyrics were repeated. 

          Mark turned up and asked Elizabeth to dance a couple of times, and Sandy managed a dance or two as well.  When they returned to their table, Ginger was polishing off her fourth beer.
          “I wuz looking for you guys,” she said.  “I wanned to let you know, I’m leaving with Carl,” she continued with a meaningful glance toward the man she’d spent most of the evening with as he returned from the men’s room.  He seemed a little unsteady on his feet as he walked toward them; the Colt 45’s he’d been downing had obviously taken their toll.
          “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked Sandy.  “He looks like he’s tipsy and I’m not sure what kind of shape you’re in either!”
          “Hey, I’m a big girl, Sandy.  Don’t ‘chu worry 'bout me.  This ishn’t my first rodeo, ya’ know.  And he’s not driving, his frien' Al is.” 
          “I talked with him when you were in the ladies room earlier; he’s doesn’t strike me as the sharpest saw in the woodshed, besides being half in the bag,” warned Liz.
          “We’d really feel better if you’d stay here and go home with us,” explained Sandy.
           Ginger shook her head in disagreement.  “You’re jush sorry you din’t get lucky.  Don’t spoil my fun.”  And with that, she hooked her arm through Carl’s and headed for the door, with Al following behind. 
          “I don’t like this one bit,” Sandy muttered.  “I think I’ve had enough of this place for tonight.”
          “Yeah, me, too,” concurred Elizabeth.  “Let’s head home.  Last dance of the night is only about 10 minutes away, anyhow.”
           As they drove back to town and Pinewoods, the two women debated about what they could have done differently.  Neither was comfortable with what had transpired, but Ginger was an adult, and a stubborn one at that.  She wasn’t interested in their thoughts on the matter.  They were bothered enough by the situation to skip breakfast at HoJo’s, which was pretty much a tradition after Singles Night at Country Connections.  They went straight home, and when Elizabeth pulled her Lumina into her designated parking spot, neither made a move to exit the vehicle.
          “You couldn’t have stopped her, without wrestling her to the floor, most likely,” said Liz.  “Don’t beat yourself up.  She was determined to do what she wanted to do.”
          “I know, but I wish I felt better about it,” mused Sandy as she opened the car door.  You know she’d had too much to drink.  Hope she’ll be okay.”  With that, she walked to her door and stuck the key in the lock.
          “G’night,” called Liz from her doorway.

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