Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Winner, Finally!!!

I apologize!  Way back before I went on vacation, I held a book giveaway on my blog.  Then I got sick, then left on vacation, and I never announced a winner!  duh!

The book I was giving away is called "Suitable for Giving, A Collection of Wit with a Side of Wry" by Jayne Martin of InJaynesWorld, one of my favorite bloggers!

To refresh your memory, you may want to go back and read my review of this book, here.

For those of you who didn't win, her book is available on here to see and/or buy it!

In the meantime, the lucky winner is Pat of A View From the Edge!  Email me your mailing address, Pat, and I'll send you the book!

Congratulations, Pat, and I apologize for having dropped the ball on this one!  Hope you'll all forgive me!



River said...

Congratulations to Pat!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Congrats, Pat! Jayne is hilarious!

Pat said...

Yipee! Thanks so much! I really appreciate this! I'll email my address to you!

Vodka Logic said...

I need to start paying attention...congrats Pat

rosaria said...

Ah, when there is one winner, the rest of us are losers. It goes to the heart of contests, and the reality is always hard to swallow.
Anyway, congratulations to Pat!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo, congratulations Miss Pat. I'm doin' one of my famous happy dances for ya!

God bless and have yourself a bright and beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

Sue said...

Kudos to Pat!