Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Appreciate the Feedback!

After reading yesterday's comments, I'm beginning to think that what I need to do is cut back on my blogging if I want to finish my book.  As a result, I will suspend posting every day for a while.  I'll still be posting more than once a week, but not every day.

Many thanks to those of you who offered your thoughts and advice; it has been very helpful, and I plab to follow it. I just hope you won't forget me if I'm not in your face or commenting on your posts every day. 

I did, however, have to post this video tribute to American Airlines employees! 

It's so true of many large corporations!
I love the captions you've been coming up with for the caption contest I posted Monday.  If you still haven't posted one, I hope you'll scroll down and post your entry.  A winner will be selected this weekend. 

Love to you all and don't forget me, please!



Sue said...

Good luck with your writing.

And I will look forward to your posts when they come!


Al Penwasser said...

Great video.
And don't think you're gonna get lucky enough for me to forget about you.